Zelda Kaplan Celebrates Her 95th Birthday

Last night Zelda Kaplan danced the night away at her 95th birthday party hosted by The King Collective at The Gramercy Park Hotel.Zelda is an inspiration to us all and a great reminder that age is just a state of mind. A few months back,I talked to Zelda about the secret to staying youthful and vital, she answered, ” One must be interested in the world not in own’s self.” I can’t wait to celebrate with her on her 96th!

  • Oooo she looks fantastic in her graphic print, bold color, and stylish sun glasses.

    What an inspiration and a true gem!

    Thrifting Runway/Thrifted Style

  • Rebecca

    Happy birthday Zelda! How beautiful and radiant you look.

  • I want her hat!!

  • Happy birthday ZELDA!!!

  • Another beautiful woman. Ari, you are a gift to the human race, and your blog is a daily source of comfort and inspiration for a lot of us; thanks so much!

  • Ari, you are a gift to the human race, and a source of comfort and inspiration for many people. Thanks for sharing another beautiful woman with the rest of the world!

  • I'm looking forward to eccentricity in my late life.

    I should start my wardrobe collection now!

  • Happy BORN Day to a Fashion Queen!!!!

  • :-))) Darling!!! Nothing like those New Yorkers!
    xx Emily

  • I can't believe she's 95! still looking super chic!

  • Anonymous

    Fezzes are cool.

  • Many happy returns, Zelda! 95 years young!

  • wonderful 🙂 she makes me smile!

  • What a great quote! Very true.

    – Meredith

  • Old ladies are so much more hotter! And younger!

  • maven

    I am very sorry to hear about Zelda's passing. Sounds like she did what she loved up until the very end. Oh, that we all could live our lives so well!

  • RIP Zelda!

  • Anonymous

    rest in peace and may your legacy of fashion and helping raise awareness of the strife facing women in africa live on…

  • immediately thought of you when i heard of her passing. rest in peace, zelda.

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P. Lovely lady. Forever an inspiration.

  • Wouldn't have know who Zelda was if not for this blog. Recognized her distinct style on another blog. As women age they often fade away into the sunset. Not Zelda, she did it up right! Good for her living strong until the end! Even in her passing she's an inspiration! RIP Zelda.

  • Anonymous

    Just read on a german news site that Zelda died and I immediatley remembered her because of this blog.
    It seems that she died in her gorgeous outfit that she wore in your video in this post (there was a picture of her shortly before the show began)… Red and black.

    She was an inspiring woman and I hope she'll rest in peace.