80 Year Old Designer Miyano Haraki

I met 80 year old, Miyano Haraki, last year, after asking to take her photo in midtown. The other day, I went to her home to interview her about her career in fashion. She had great stories to tell about working for Pierre Cardin and Valentino and she shared some great fashion tips as well. I will include more of Miyano’s story in my upcoming book, but for now enjoy these photos of her with some of the amazing hats, she has made over the years.

  • I am completely smitten with Miyano. Stunning photographs and her personality just radiates.

    This made my day.

  • She looks wonderful! I love the dress! Inspiring!

  • Amazing!

  • She is a Lady!

  • She is absolutely adorable. I love her way with hats.

  • Oh she is totally adorable!!! And those hats! I want them!!!

  • These hats are stunning! She looks like a very kind and talented lady.

  • Anonymous

    She is absolutely adorable and sweet.

  • ohh!
    I´m so happy I found this blog!

    And about this lady…
    I love how she looks at the camera and her poses…lovely!She´s got style!
    And she seems to be a very kind person 🙂

  • and thank you for creating such a nice blog! Your photos are amazing! They certainly have many fashion tips to tell us 🙂

  • So wonderfully inspiring!!!

  • I just sorta swam over to your little spot on the Internet. I am so happy that I did. What a wonderful spot to visit & be reminded of silver style. Wonderful job, young man!

  • i like the third picture best, the one with the pink touch, the hat, the necklace..

  • Miyano is just beautiful and how wonderful all the hats are. She really appears to be an angel. Love those hats and her smile.

  • Yet another elegant woman with great personal style–and wearing the snake necklace (Whiting & Davis?) I've been coveting lately, no less!

  • the beaytifull women old :d, i like her!

  • She and her outfit are so beautiful! And I love all of the hats!

  • Rebecca

    How adorable and lovely she is. I am anxiously awaiting the publication of your book to learn more about her and the other fabulous women on your blog. I am hoping to join you at the Museum of Arts & Design 7/25.

  • What delightful photos!

  • So adorable!
    Thanks for sharing this, it has made my fashion life complete.

  • Fantastic! I love the outfit and the haaatsss!!


  • Wow, as it is stylish! I loved the style!
    Kisses from Brazil!

    Beijão & aguardo você no Infinito Feminino.

  • She is sweet and elegant at the same time. Her hats are adorable.