All Blue With a Touch of Snakeskin

This week we have been talking about great accessories and how they can change an outfit.In the past, Lynn, Lubi, and Joyce have all showed us how a great scarf or pair of gloves can add some glamour to anything in the closet. The woman above adds a touch of chicness to her outfit, by letting her snakeskin accessories stand out, against her all blue ensemble.What are your favorite accessories?

  • I love necklaces and scarves, I'm starting to get interested in hats but not yet fully assimilated their uso.The ladies photographed in your blog are very stylish and has inspired me.

  • very fashion

  • That blue is very striking with her red hair. I noticed the snakeskin but that blue is my favorite part.

  • Nan

    the necklace and bag really make this look. Lovely.

  • Perfection, and I want her glasses!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is definitely working. She looks cool!

  • Love her! I love this blog so much. I live in the fashion-granny-saturated Upper East Side and I'm so happy there's a blog to give them the props they deserve.

  • Anonymous

    Royce and Marilyn are the new gay icons!

  • its a very attractive look and works great i think these are very nice What a great idea.Good job!And those photos are super stunning!

    men fashion

  • I'm so in love with your blog! My greatest inspiration ever is my grandma, and she used to be like this, very stylish and gorgeous! I love and definitely respect the elders, basically because I can't stop learning from them. I adore this outfit, her shoes, her jewelry, lovely! BEST BLOG EVER! I'm promoting you guys in my facebook account, and of course I'm a new follower!

    ♥ Anjuli,
    Garment Traveling

  • Interested..
    Zamre Bin Ab. Wahab

  • The monochromatic look was beautiful with this shoe bag and bake! Harmonious Okay!

    Kisses from Brazil.

    Beijão & aguardo você no Infinito Feminino.

  • I read your posts quite often.I like the energy of the older women. Sorry but I am sad to see snake skins being featured as an accessory dressing style. — barbara

  • Me

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