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I love the way many older women pay great attention to their hair styles.For me this is a sign of vitality and spirit. Both my grandmothers would have their hair blown dry and set, a few times a week. It wasn’t until my grandma Bluma’s final few months that she cared little about her appearance. When Bluma was sick I used to comb her hair back and bring the mirror to her. She would smile every time. Style is not only the clothes we put on, but how we carry and present ourselves.

I stopped the woman above while she was walking uptown with her daughter. I asked if I could take her picture and her daughter remarked, ” I was just telling her how beautiful she is. Everywhere we go people stop her. She has a spark in her.”

  • Indeed, the lady looks fantastic, a very proud and stylish appereance..thank you for sharing,
    all the best , Christa

  • I love the nautical theme she has going on. And, of course, her hairstyle. I don't know how people make these buns…

  • She is indeed beautiful and I love her elegant classic hairstyle. She's obviously very stylish in her wardrobe choices, too. Great jewelry.

    The Styleseer

  • Ah, I love how older women do their hair. I'm always so jealous of their elegant 'do's. Simply stunning.

  • Janis

    She knows her coloring, too. Turquoise and champagne white look good on her.

  • I wish I could be an old woman rather than an old man. dressing up. i love it.

  • My dear grandma fixed her hair by herself; all the time her hair, nails and clothes were perfect (I inherited a respectable amount of accesories after she passed away). A couple of days before she died, the doctor came for a checkup, and she told me 'give me my makeup, and help me doing my hair and nails. I'd rather be dead than unpresentable'.

    Greetings from Chile.

  • This is really a very beautiful shoot – the angle is great and the colour chrome is perfect! Just love your job!!

  • I have been reading your posts for awhile and love them I love the way you take notic of these beautiful women and I am sure you you just make their year by acknowledging how wonderful they look.
    Thanks for doing this,I have been one to stop people and comment on something I like wether its their hair or outfit.

  • Anonymous

    Love the photo, but do you have other photos of her that you can post? I would love to see her outfit. Based on what we can see for far, it will be smashing!

  • Details priceless! Hair classic and traditional, stylish, elegant!

    Beijão & aguardo você no Infinito Feminino.
    Kisses from Bazil!

  • It makes me so happy to read the comment from this elegant lady's daughter… "She has a spark in her"; what a wonderful way to describe someone!

  • Lovely indeed . . . the hairstyle, your "model", her daughter and your blog.

  • Breathtakingly beautiful!

  • I'm 38 years old and have been feeling a bit old maid-ish lately. After discovering your blog, I'm now upset that I'm so young! I need to step up my game!

  • beautiful hair style. thanks for sharing! Voyance

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