“I Don’t Want To Look Younger,I Want To Look As Great As I Can At Any Age.”

I met up with Joyce the other day to talk to her about her secrets to aging gracefully. At 79 years old Joyce told me, ” I don’t want to look younger, I want to look as great as I can at any age.” I’ll post a small video and more of her secrets tomorrow.

  • I like what Joyce said…

  • Anonymous

    YAY Joyce! That's the BEST
    way to age gracefully —

  • She is SO beautiful – I would dream of looking like her at any age! Thanks, as always, for finding these beautiful people and sharing them with us.

  • Your Blog is fantastic and Joyce certainly inspires.

  • Your Blog is fantastic and Joyce certainly inspires.

  • OMG! She could be 20 year younger!
    She looks great!

  • She definitely looks very serene and of course as a woman of substance. Very nice. I look forward to hearing more about her. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Joyce radiates grace and beauty along with an inspiring attitude!
    Thanks for her example! I love your blog. These women are my role models!

  • What a beautiful lady,so gracious looking!! Inner beauty always shines through at any age!! Kathysue

  • Joyce is absolutely radiant, and she's a great role model for the rest of us!

  • Self awareness and the confidence that goes with it are timeless and beautiful no matter what your age.
    A beautiful lady with a wonderful attitude.

  • Truly stunningly beautiful woman.

  • Wonderful!

  • she's luminous! wonderful attitude and approach to aging.

  • She is a lovely, lovely woman! Very inspirational!!!

  • CarolWL

    She is truly one of the most beautiful women you've ever featured. That skin, those eyes…just gorgeous.

  • that is such a great statement…and she is just adorable! what a classy lady..looking forward to more with her on your site!!

  • What a beautiful woman!

  • Wise words from Joyce, if only all adults think like her, we would not see so many people unhappy and many aberrations in the quest for eternal youth.

  • Judi Delgado

    What a beautiful woman! Something to aspire to; love her attitude.

  • fabulous. Thank you from 40 year old whos is facing aging like it is some kind of betrayal. Your blog really edifies.

  • Charlotte

    Joyce IS gorgeous!

    Check out (and listen to) Margaret. What a lovely little poem!


    Rock ON, all your beautiful people!


  • Anonymous

    beautiful lady….peaceful within herself which shows in the glow of her face.

  • Wonderful! A truly lovely lady and very inspiring!

  • So beautiful. Wonderful colors in the scarf. Love her purple eyeshadow too.

    strawberry freckleface

  • Jan

    Absolutely gorgeous skin, practically flawless. Great bone structure, too. I love how she's accented her eyes. The outfit is a knock-out – and I want those pearls 🙂

  • She always look great!