Lucy Jarvis on Madison Ave

Yesterday, I ran into Lucy Jarvis outside the Gagosian on Madison Avenue. She had just purchased a wonderful robot ring, designed by Mia Fonssagrives-Solow. At 94 years old, Lucy is one of my favorite stylish ladies to spot around town. Read more about her, including her incredible career in television HERE. I think I may have to pick up one these rings myself.

  • I am impressed by her outfit but the rings really are my thing. Such a good sense of humor she has to be wearing a robot ring. Lovely

  • Al

    Love that ring, and I love Lucy too! Her style is so chic and relevant. Thanks for always posting about these glamorous people Ari. Have a wonderful day.

  • oh the bag! i am in love with the bag!

    although that ring is simply spectacular. what an incredible lady. fun and attractive!

  • She's so stylish, graceful and fun. I took your hint and found out more about her. Read that she was the producer of an amazing program about the Louvre. I saw that in grade school when I was a child, and it was – hugely – influential in my development as an artist. One of the things that helped me to become the successful, professional artist I am today. You put beauty out into the world – in any way, really – and it makes more. (Your blog certainly proves that, Ari!) I hope she knows how many lives she's touched with her work.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for some more photos of Lucy. She is spectacular!!

  • Hi Ari. What an interesting lady. She kind of reminds me of Julia Child. I love that lion pin she is wearing and yes her robot ring is to die for. I read about her career and what an interesting lady. She's now an "independent producer," not that is something to brag about. Yes she has those eyes that seem to be searching your eyes to see what they find. Lovely! Thanks Ari. Have a great day.

  • Such an elegant lady, great outfit!

  • I just found this blog.
    And it is amazing.
    Thank you.

  • Voi kuinka tyylikäs rouva! Ihanan raikas asu ja kaunis nainen 🙂

  • It's unbelievable that she is 94! She looks immaculate and I love that everything, down to her jewelery and lipstick coordinates with her blouse. Sharp lady – I should only look that good when I am that age!

  • Her jewelry is the BEST! I love all of it, especially the lion.

  • The rings are fabulous, as is every detail of her outfit. What an incredible career… she has a lot of chutzpah!

  • I'm more interested in learning about that orange and turquoise ring. It's wonderful, especially with that nail polish.

  • Oh wow! I love her accessories! They're to die for!


  • Amazing ! A blog on the elderly women style !!! Love the idea !!!
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  • If I get to my 90s with the gumption to wear a robot ring… wow, yeah! (What an inspiration to learn about her career, too.)