Red and Gold

I ran into singer, Rita Ellis Hammer, while strolling around the upper west side. She looked great in her red and gold outfit and over-sized glasses.

  • Anonymous


    Other fashion sites list where the fabulous subjects got what they're wearing, or where they shop. Do you think you could begin to ask for this info? I'm much younger than Ms. Hammer, but I cold totally rock this outfit.

  • She looks great!!

  • She is so cool! I love the glasses and her graceful, relaxed look.

  • JKW

    Good grief, I love your blog (have for some time). You know the most beautiful ladies in the world and they are my inspiration. . . b/c of you. An inspiration that is much needed in the world today. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings, Janet

  • Hi Ari, hope all is well. Wow!! Those glasses are my style. If I had a pair like that, I'd definitely wear them. She looks awesome. Well maintained figure, big smile, eyes that sparkle and a woman who seems to be very happy with her life. Rock on Rita!!

  • Yes, she does. I love her slacks.

  • the lady knows what to wear and what suits her…

  • Love those glasses and the red tunic/lips.

  • She looks fab !

  • Gorgeous. I need to take posing lessons from her.

  • I love the way she looks contemporary yet classic and elegant at the same time. I love the blouse. Lana

  • She's got amazing style, those glasses are spectacular 🙂

  • What an absolute babe. An absolute beauty and I LOVE her make-up – yay for red lippy! xo

  • What a pose! And what a smile!

  • divalicious!

  • I am loving how older women are embracing the oversized eyeglass frames. Not only are they practical (when you have bifocals, the more viewing space you have to work with the better!), but they are also a can't-miss style statement in contrast to gray hair and pale skin. Iris Apfel and Rita both look very cool in theirs and I will be rocking a pair in my 80's

  • wow! she looks totally amazing!!!


  • The big round glasses really make her eyes pop out…besides, they're just so fun and youthful!

  • she looks fabulous! those glasses are beyond amazing! love it!

  • She is gorgeous! Ari, you and your blog have single-handedly gotten me past my fear of aging. THX! Wanda in Edmonton

  • Very stylin! Love the specs!

  • I really love how this chic outfit shows off her relaxed body language.

  • Red really goes well with Gold..

  • The old women looks so fashion!

  • The old lady looking nice in her red and gold stylish look.

  • Looking so beautiful and this combination will given a perfect look..superb outfit and you made such a different style with your fashion….so good..keep going..