Summer Fashion Advice From the Countess of Glamour

The other day,I visited the Countess of Glamour at Off Broadway Boutique.I asked her for some summer fashion advice. She told me,”Think of strawberry daiquiris and mint juleps, of wonderful, happy,delicious colors, and always remember to carry a light scarf.”

  • Wow Ari!! She is fab!! Those are some of my favorite colors and I don't have them. Tee hee. She is outstanding in every way. You sure get lucky in finding these beautiful women. Have a great Friday! Thanks for sharing.

  • How beautiful and vibrant age could be…

  • Wow! Great hat and stunning color combination. Gorgeous and beyond fashion!

  • She's absolutely fabulous! Love her advice:) May I post it on my blog?!
    Sending you lots of sun from Rome,

  • fabulous! I love to see the advanced stylists using such vibrant colours.

  • She has so much power!

  • nice picture. Thanks for share.

  • She is gorgeous.

  • lihabiboun

    WOWWW!!! I want that hat! I want those earrings!!! And the blouse – soo great, fresh, minty: SUMMER at its best. Love from Munich

  • OMG she is gorgeous. That color combo is simply stunning. And her accessories are wonderful.

  • How fabulous this lady is .. I love her style and colours .. You look amazing darling xx

  • What a striking color combination. Love, love, love her hat!

    The Styleseer

  • Oh dearest countess!!

    Such a lovely color combination.

    Thrifted Style/Thrifting Runway/Thrifting Trends

  • Anonymous

    I'd give anything for her lips! She's Royalty if there ever was such a thing. Fabulous!


  • Just discovered your blog and I am officially obsessed. Fashion never gets old. And I stand to learn a lot from all the lovely folks you feature here. LOVE IT.

  • omg sooooo gorgeous!!!!
    wow love this so much !
    big kiss 4 u 😀

    feel free to follow me (new):

  • Ari, your blog is getting more and more amazing with every return visit here – thank you so much for popping over to visit me and leaving such a kind comment. Warm hugs xo

  • Wow! You call her the Countess of Glamour with good reason. What a stunning summer outfit! You have a real knack for finding the best ladies to blog about. I keep telling everyone to check out your blog. Wanda in Edmonton

  • she is divine!! makes me want to incorporate a spot of two of tropical color. 🙂

  • She remember me the womens in the DR, not afraid of color at all! love that!

  • She remember me the womens in the DR, not afraid of color at all! love that!

  • Oh that ring! And that color. She looks like a summer getaway. Refreshing!

  • Oh wow, amazing style. I love your blog!!!!
    Kisses, Dominika

  • She is delightful! Colorful, lively and energetic. Lovin the hat and colors!

  • What great summer colors.. your blog is fantastic!

  • Olala! Great colours, great style!

  • amazing style
    good luck for you

  • Dear Ari,
    What a stunning woman!
    Amazing use of colour, I love the lime & turquoise together.
    I wish there were more uber stylish individuals like this on the streets where I live, you are a very lucky man getting to meet all these beautiful people.
    Take care luv,

  • sandy

    The countess would be splended on the masthead of your blog. Maybe a new countess each month…

  • How amazing is she?? VERY!! What a wonderful blog you have.

  • I like your green lime color. so blink!

  • Jan

    It takes a great deal of panache to carry off that look. I'm jealous!