“When in Doubt, Leave it Off.”

[Amber on Madison Ave in her Ralph Lauren Sandals]

I met Amber near Madison Ave, and asked if I could take her photo. She was dressed perfectly for a hot summer’s day, and I knew she would have some great style advice. Amber told me that she follows her mother’s old saying,” When in doubt, leave it off.” Amber thinks about comfort first, because, “You won’t feel stylish if you aren’t comfortable.” This is sound advice from a stylish lady!

  • Sooooo true!

  • I agree!
    Comfort is the first thought when I will buy something!

  • I've heard the leave it off sentiment elsewhere. Wonder if she knew Coco. Anyway she does have all she needs to look terrific.

  • Excellent advice – I couldn't agree more. And, love her outfit, which would be perfect at any age.

    The Styleseer

  • Coco Chanel lived by that saying! Love it!

  • I love her outfit too. She does look very serious but very elegant and a get out of my way, I'm coming through look as well. Great shot. Regards to Amber.

  • Look at her strike a pose! Her glasses are so chic, and the pink umbrella is a cute touch also.


  • Anonymous

    Amber looks amazing. I'm of the 'less is more' and 'comfort first' persuasion too.

  • YES,the first thing we think about for clothes is comfort but not beauty.

  • A woman with a great taste – lovely. I'm curious. When did you get this brilliant idea to shoot great-looking, older people? I discovered your blog last winter …

  • Anonymous

    She's lookin' good!

  • F

    They do wear it well 😉 FAB http://fabs.blogg.se

  • Aside from the fact that she looks like she could chew nails, I'd love to look like her any day!

  • I love her pose and her level gaze!

  • Very sound advice, I agree completely!

  • Jan

    Amber looks so tall, refined and definitely elegant. I am beginning to think I would kill for a waist like hers! Am wondering if she gives lessons in that "been there, done that, test me" gaze — I could put it to good use. By the way, I find Amber is perfectly accessorized, statement-sized but classic pearl earrings, understated but readable watch, classic gold wedding band. Perfect.