A Dior Suit Paired With a Parasol

I saw this woman walking down Madison Avenue in her gorgeous Dior suit and wonderful parasol. When I told her that I was taking photos for an upcoming style book, she was delighted and wished me the best of luck. Check out her beautiful bag and the detail on her pant suit!

  • That is some look! Loving the parasol 🙂 Did you ask her what collection the suit was from?


  • Carol

    Love all parasols!

  • This look is fabulous. I love the slacks finished that way.

  • dettaglio molto chic!!
    molto elegante!

  • Hi Ari … just featured your wonderful blog on my blog. It's one of my favorite reads.

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  • I love the parasol and the pantsuit, but I'd take the sheer trim off the bottom of the pants, especially this season when cropped trousers are so on-trend.

    The Styleseer

  • She looks amazing! I love it this look..she is my hero 🙂

  • She's all glam up and looking gorgeous!

  • Jan

    Hi Ari,

    Is that a vintage pants suit? It looks so 60's to me with that asymetrical white striping (piping?). I love the parasol, I wish we all carried them around, it would certainly solve a lot of problems of "farmer tan" "v's" on our necks! The white organza-type material – is that an add-on? Regardless, it certainly works for this lady, who has the figure, confidence, and charm to pull off this absolutely unique look! I am sooooooo glad I found this website! I get happier and happier each time I visit, which is now daily (and sometimes a couple times a day, because there is always something new to be discovered that I haven't seen before).

  • Voguish, classy, ravishing!

  • Thankyou – again.

  • Hallo from Italy!!
    Would you like me to send you some pics of my mother and her elegant Italian friends?
    Loved your blog, Bravo!!
    baci from Ariela
    (I'm called Ari myself)

  • such fabulousness!!

  • what a great, great style!!!
    love your blog

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  • I absolutely love your bag!.
    && you have an awesome blog.(:


  • love it! Did she say where the parasol was from? Reblogged this to my parasol blog, bringing shady back.

  • super stylish ! an example for us all.

  • Love the purse!



  • So cute! Loved her handbag especially! =}


  • Incredibly chic.