Elaine Stritch on Madison Ave

Last night, I was walking by The Carlyle hotel, when I spotted a poster of Elaine Stritch in the

window. I have always wanted to take her photo, but have never had the chance. I walked a few

blocks down Madison Ave and all of the sudden I saw Ms. Stritch walking towards me. I knew this was my chance to finally take her photo.I went up to her and told her that I was working on a book about style and she quickly replied with a smile, ” Oh that’s wonderful good luck.” I asked if I could take her photo, but she kindly refused. A few moments later she turned around and said, ” Okay go ahead.” I had only a few seconds to get a shot,but I will forever remember my interaction with this 86 year old legend.

  • Well done, Ari! And extra lucky to get her in this wonderful neutral menswear look!

    The Styleseer

  • she is just too awesome. love her confidence, love her comfort in her look. although, and this is weird coming from a girl who is not a fan of makeup, i do so slightly wish she were wearing a fabulous shade of red on her lips.

    so thankful you had the opportunity to meet her. love that she was kind enough to pose.

  • I love the tie accompanied with a wry grin!

  • Ari, tell – me the truth, you find these wonderful ladies at random? Really? Or you produce them?
    They are spectacular!

  • I love her man´s tie and her fabulous sunglasses.

  • Sue

    Fantastic! She's a true original.

  • The glasses… so wonderful. She is one classy, sassy broad.

  • That is wonderful!!!! Ms. Stritch has given me inspiration to wear a TIE w/ blazer!!!! Glad you had the pleasure of meeting up with her and a chance to take a snap-shot!

  • Oh, what luck! She's fabulous! And I love her outfit.

  • You make your own luck Ari!

  • What a great story, Ari! And she looks great, too. Wanda in Edmonton

  • What a hero! Love this look! Amazing!

  • What a thrill! She is one in a million.

  • Hi Ari. What luck to have been able to take a photo of her since you've been wanting to do so. I think she looks stunning and quite sure of herself. That look she is is almost as if she is saying, "Hurry up young man, I've got places to go, and things to do." I like her style, the boyish look. She's FAB!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow that is super cool! lol

  • Que estilo me encanta.||
    Tu trabajo es impresionante.
    Un bes enorme.

  • This is really cool I like the blog!

  • she's always been my idol! ROCK ON GF!!!!!!

  • that so rocks…

    i love her tie and the color scheme..

  • Wow! So cool, she is amazing. What an experience!!

  • great dressed elder

  • Amy

    It's astounding how well older ladies can sport androgynous looks. Quite a lesson in wearing what we look good in no matter what others expect.

  • This is the best blog i've seen in a while! What a good idea, and it really makes me smile. I wish one day to be one of these brilliantly dressed granny's. SUCH AN INSPIRATION 😀 aha

  • What are the chances Ari? It's a great shot, a great look and a great story. Elaine has always done her own thing and its wonderful to see that she's still got it.

  • really cool

  • Serendipitous! That really is fantastic.

  • Wow! She's really something else, isn't she? You can just feel the power and confidence and fabulousness emanating from her!

    Great style, too!


  • I used to work with Elaine YEARS ago on a Broadway production. She was, indeed, formidable, legendary, and every ounce the old-school professional. Great shot – it's wonderful to see her still looking so amazing.

  • Anonymous

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  • She looks so chic in this suit! Unique blog – I'm following it!

    Check out my blog and follow if you enjoy it please! =}