Fashion Advice From a 79 Year Old

 I met up with Joyce the other day to get one more shot for my book. I met her outside a department store on the upper west side, a few months ago, and have loved working with her ever since. At 79 years old, Joyce believes, ” To age is a privilege”. I have shared her  great style tips before, but for another reminder check out the fashion advice below:
1.”Gloves they make an outfit, if it’s the right glove it can do everything for you.”
2.”Getting a good black dress that you can fix up with different wonderful colored scarves.”
3.”Marvelous Jewelry, it doesn’t have to be real or expensive, a strand of pearls can make an outfit.”
4.”A wonderful large fiocco, a beautiful bow or boa.”
5.” The right neckline, if you have a beautiful Décolletage then by all mean shows it.”
6. “I look for the brightest colors in shoes, don’t be afraid to wear them with a dark dress. A bright scarf and shoes and gloves of the same color will stand out against the black background of a dress or suit.”
7. ”The older you get the more elegance you want, you can use great color, but in an elegant way.”
8.”Don’t be afraid to be unique to be different.”
9.”Fishnet stockings, Incredible.”
10. “The real secret is being in love with life and realizing what you have.”
  • Beautiful. I love Joyce's outlook and style.

  • What a gorgeous woman! (And what a really marvelous photo of her, Ari.) I love her makeup, and that she leaves her brows natural; I think a lot of mature women get into trouble when they draw their brows in. She's so elegant – serene and regal!

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for highlighting Joyce again. She is one of my favorite ladies. I have listened to your interview with her more than once. She has such flair and a wonderful way of presenting her style tips. I am curious about her background – is she in the theatre or dance? Her gestures are so elegant and graceful.

  • Gorgeous! What a stunning and classy women

  • ari

    She work at Director of marketing and advertising at Cosmo

  • What a gorgeous and chic lady! I love her tips!

  • Just curious…are all the ladies in the book New Yorkers? If not, you really get Mahri Tomas, owner of Martens Tomas…Amazing hair…she's in her 60s.
    anyhow re this outfit. I love the rickrack trim!

  • she's ssssooo adorable looking, there is a child like quality to her looks and demeanor, I hope that I will have that quality at some point in my life. her neckline and braids are so stylish, I'd love to read more from Joyce

  • Lp

    Quelle style!!!!
    Quelle belle femme!!!

  • What a sharp looking lady!
    I love her fashion tips! She does NOT look 79!!!

  • Beautiful jacket and I like Joyce's hair-do!

  • LOVE the hair and earrings!

  • what? 79 year? woow

  • Jan

    The lady with the nearly perfect ageless skin! She is incredibly beautiful. I'm jealous!

  • The Lady is beautiful, chic and has a great energy . . . a lovely face, and she doesn't look 79. I'd love to know her skincare tips too.

  • Something to aspire to; beauty and poise.

  • This is the beauty of grey-headedness. I love ahnging out with older people and share stories and experiences. They're great listeners and good sources of wisdom. I love her fashion clothes.

  • She is as beautiful as ever here.

    The Styleseer

  • What a beautiful lady!

  • She's such an inspiration… I want to love life the way she does…

  • I love the proud look in her, the way she poses, so secure of helself: an amazing lady!!

    xxx Ylenia | Longuette

  • Wonderful advice.
    She is so pretty and her skin looks amazing!

  • I hope I look that good when I'm 79! I love all of her advice, but have some trouble with the gloves– I'm always afraid of getting the fingers dirty and never sure when to keep them on or off.

  • I love this blog. I am 79 myself, so I had to comment on this post. Thanks for reminding that old women are also beautiful.

  • her eyes and smile convey a wonderful secret 🙂 beautiful!

  • I agree with every point! I follow all of them already! And add in seamed stockings too!

  • She's absolutely adorable and unbeliveable pretty … true inspiration!

  • b

    Being who we are can be a pure joy. Some woman have always been in love with beautiful things and aging only season's their tastes. The better the seasoning the better the look! She has it figured out.

    Hope the book is going good.


  • I love it, the comments the style, the photo, she look wonderful.

  • What's a "fiocco"?

  • My friend, Lucy, showed me this blog on her facebook page. I LOVE it! What a fantastic way to show us that life really does get better with age!

    I sell my designs at the markets, and I certainly notice what everyone wears… the young seem to wear whatever was crumpled up on the bedroom floor! Do they even look in the mirror before they leave?

    The elderly ladies that do visit me, and who love fashion, they always seem to be put together so well. I can remember one couple in particular, whom you would've loved to have photographed. they had it all going on, shoes, gloves, hat for each, suits, etc. I couldn't help but say they looked fantastic!

  • Laurie

    She's a true beauty. I love her hair.

  • I love her.

  • This is an indication that her skills in styling is timeless. She is always looking at the new styles and create her own. This is the same with Julia Blank.

  • Full of the love, love your blog.