Think Pink

Debra Rapoport has taught me that dressing should be fun.Every time I see her she is wearing a wonderful combination of clothes that she has either thrifted or has been gifted. At 66, she dresses for herself and doesn’t worry about what other people think.Check out her amazing accessories,mostly made from recycled materials!

  • She looks wonderful. I love those pants.

  • Oh wow, I love her top. So great to see ladies having such fun with their outfits.

  • She's her trousers :)) x

  • Overall, this is a little too much costume for me, but the individual pieces are wonderful. I'd love to see some of them incorporated into simpler overall looks.

    The Styleseer

  • I love this chicks style. These women let me know just because I get old never means I have to become boring!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • *chuckle* gotta love it!! congrats on being named a Blog of Note!!

  • Wow! I love this, thanks for sharing, both of you, and inspiring the rest of us! Anna.

  • Very cool collection of bracelets and rings, and awesome pants! Love Debra's creativity and fearlessness in her wardrobe choices.

  • And she is stunning.

  • Finizia

    Whilst I defend to the death this woman's right to wear what she pleases, I cannot say I like her outfit in any way or that she looks particularly attractive. I'm not against eccentricity in dress or indeed the desire to go against the normal bourgeois look that women of a certain age are expected to follow, but aesthetically her look does not work. It is not flattering, not particularly interesting but rather too cluttered and frankly looks as if she has tried too hard.

    Sorry,hope you don't mind the negative opinion. Love your blog though, especially the woman in Dior from yesterday – what a contrast to today's photo!

  • From now,this is my favorite blog.
    I wish I was in NY,and I wish I was old,so I get featured here.
    But,actually I am a 12 year old and I post my''fashion designs''on,
    Cya there! 🙂

  • What an inspiration!! Debra is stunning and I want EVERYTHING she is wearing 😀

  • Just when I thought she couldn't possibly get any cooler…!

    Makes me even prouder of my own sky blue shades haha;)

  • Anonymous

    refreshing to see people, who can do it, break out of the status quo.

  • Always an inspiration! Go Deborah! xxoo
    P.S. Hope Irene veers east of the city and you all are safe through the weekend!

  • so awesome!

  • Amazing…

  • My goodness… that outfit certainly deserves a photograph!

  • Ari I just love your blog. It does my heart a power of good to see a blog which promotes the beauty and creativity of aging women. Thank you for doing this. Aussie Aging Beauty.

  • Thanks to this blog, Debra Rapoport is one of my favorite people ever. Love that Mohawk-style hairdo she has here!

  • Viktoria

    Wow! This colour combination is spot on! I feel very inspired.

  • Ari, what fun beautiful women to feature on your blog!
    What Not to Wear used to be my guilty pleasure, but your blog is far better.
    Great Job!

  • Oooh, baby, I love your way.

  • CONGRATULATIONS on being chosen a Blog of Note! I'm glad I found your blog!!

    Common Cents

  • zee

    that is SO me when i'm 66. pink mohawk and all. she looks amazing!

  • Wow,This style is, wow! I loved the hair, this is one of mine!

    Beijão & aguardo você no Infinito Feminino.

  • A TRUE STYLE ICON!!!! I absolutely LOVE her STYLE…

  • She looks great, fun and full of life. That is how fashion should be.

  • This is wonderful! Such a fresh take on fashion. Beautiful photos too.

  • Ana

    Yes it is fun to accept different styles than other.I like the mis matched type of style.Follow this style and you will look more gorgeous and trendy.

    Nifty Fashions

  • Dear Ari Seth Cohen,

    Wonderful pictures showing grown-up people with self-cofidence and personal style!

    Thank you for thinking of the wise and silver-haired with love and respect!


  • First: Congratulations on your Blog of Note!
    from Barbie and Ken of the Barbies4Sale blog.

    Secondly, the more I think bout it. The more your blog title makes sense. In fact, it's Perfect!

    "Advanced Style". I like it!

  • Can I say Amazing?

  • Love the look and adore the collar! Debra rocks.

  • Wow she is amazing!! So fun, love this outfit. Wonderful blog, great idea, so new and a fresh take on fashion blogs – love it and now following 🙂

    Laura x

  • What an awesome and unique blog! I'd love to be this woman's friend–you just know that she's got stories to tell.

  • Anonymous

    Disagree with Finizia: I don't think Debra looks like she tried to hard. If you've followed her blog posts you can see that most of what she owns flows together. It is her look. She has combined elements she loves. It may look like she tried hard because if the average person took the things in their wardrobe and tried to combine them it may not "flow". Debra's style is hers. I think her message all along is to find your own. She's found hers and I have no judgement. To compare here with the woman with the DIOR suit is like apples and oranges. They can't be compared. That is the point. No comparisons are necessary.

  • Thank you Blogger for showcasing your blog! Love it and am going to be a regular reader from now on!

  • I LOVE this!! Does Debra have her own blog? She seems like a fun person follow, haha! Way to be your own indivual and not be stuck in some box or try to fit in a mold.

  • ari

    no blog, but you can email her at

  • Just found your blog and it is incredibly inspirational and fun to read! I've always admired elderly people who could dress fabulously- I'm glad I finally found a blog dedicated to the fashion of older folks. I will definitely keep up with this blog (and maybe even submit a few photos of my grandma?) haha.

    xx Dagmara

  • Jan

    Fearless! If we could all just be so…

  • OMG. awesome Blog!
    Following you..

  • The beautiful and ever inspiring Debra Rapoport!

  • That's awesome!
    I hope you have time to stop by PrincessReviews!

  • I'm dying for those bangles.


  • HAHA that lady is a straight up G. I love her bracelets!

  • her red pant is cool..well here top is that going well with pant..but as you said she dresses for herself doubt it is interesting..

  • debra's outfit is TOO amazing for words. xx

  • Anonymous

    This woman rocks! She had an amazing sense of individuality and looks sensational! Chezza Australia

  • There is only one Debra Rapoport and I am so lucky to know her…

  • I think she overdid it in the bracelet department, but it's awesome to see something unique like this. More power to her.