Turbans and Gold

I met up with Lynn Dell this weekend to shoot a small segment for Norwegian TV. In the process, I couldn’t help photographing her amazing outfit. Lynn is one of the most stylish and spirited women I know. At 78, she believes that everyday should be a celebration and that we should dress for the theater of our lives. Check out the video below to hear more about The Countess of Glamour.

  • Wow, I love her spirit & confidence.
    She looks like a goddessssss…

  • Thank you for the inspiration. LOVE your blog -I´ve just blogged about you and Advanced Style.

  • OMG precious!! I wish I could pull off a turban like that!


  • you are so lucky to be able to meet such fashionable ladies!

    Looking at these ladies I can definitely say that 'style has no age'.
    Lovely pictures

    xxx Ylenia | Longuette

  • Wonderfully liberating. Thank you Lynn and Ari!

  • I am not usually a big fan of turbans, but Lynn Dell looks absolutely stunning in this photo!

  • Her makeup is fantastic!

  • she so beautiful and style of her very great!

  • I love Lynn's style and philosophy.

  • the necklace is just fantastic!

  • Classy and elegant. Her style is truly inspiring.