Advanced Style Party Video

Check out this great video from one of my favorite German style blogs TwoforFashion.It really captures the spirit of last night’s party.
  • Congrats, looks like it was a great event!

  • You do know how to throw a party. This would have been THE event of Fashion Week!

  • That video was awesome, Ari! I didn't notice Tavi until I looked a little closer at the lass in pink earlier in the video. Very cute outfit on her.

    And I loved seeing your subjects in their most colourful outfits, too! May I look that awesome in another 20 years; will be 33 next week.

    Also heard you on BBC World Service, btw. Loved hearing one of my new favourite bloggers on my little radio!

    Bisous ! xoxoxoxo

  • So great!

  • So great!

  • Hello Ari 🙂
    Looks like your party was a lot of fun ! Too bad I couldn't be there !:))
    Giovanna came and sends you a big THAN YOU !:)
    Best wishes from Paris !

  • I absolutely love this video! I feel it catches such a wonderful and lively moment in time. I'm glad fun was had by all! 😀

  • What a blast! Now this is what I'm talkin about. A real fashion bonanza. Thank you Ari.

  • awh, so incredibly jealous. please come to the west coast sometime… SF or portland needs parties like this! and let me know if you ever need a photographer 😉

  • So joyful!! I love it, thanks for sharing!

  • Best. Dance. Party. EVER!

    Thrifting Runway/Thrifting Style

  • Isn't that Ilona singing in the first part of the video?

    I took painting lessons from her! I know she lives in Manhattan.