Advanced Style Takes Over Fashion Week

Lynn and Linda Fargo
Lynn with my mom!

Yesterday, Advanced Style’s resident, “Countess of Glamour”, Lynn Dell and I visited Lincoln Center, to check out some shows for fashion week. My parents are in town for the big party I am throwing with Tavi Gevinson at The Ace Hotel, so I wanted to show them all of the excitement going on around town. It was refreshing and inspiring to see crowds of people rush up to Lynn Dell wanting to take her photograph. At 79 years old, she is an inspiration to us all! Lynn ran into another silver haired beauty, Bergdorf’s SVP , Linda Fargo, looking as smashing as ever. I’m off to prepare for tomorrow, expect some great pictures from our big event!

  • That turquoise necklace is to die for! =}

  • Wonderful all of them.
    I bet your hot mom is proud of you, I am!!!

  • collana, orecchini e anello …fantastici!

  • Hmm… she has a young soul 😀 nice pictures by the way

  • I'm sure she was a beautiful girl in the past =)

  • Blogwalking…

  • Visit!
    I,m a girl 🙂

  • Lynne, Linda and your mom look fabulous!

  • These photos are priceless and timeless. Epic! Thanks for sharing the images and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

  • Oh, and lady on your header, was she in an episode of SATC?

  • You got that right Ari…Advanced style IS fashion week.

  • great pics! Nice blog! 🙂

    please visit my blog too! 🙂 I hope you will like and follow me! :*

  • this is the best fashion blog I've seen. Makes me look forward to life

  • Best of luck with your event!!!

  • What a beautiful, unique lady. I love the scarf. The neckpiece is to die for! How spectacular.

  • She stands out in this crowd. Bold color makes all the difference. And what a treat to "meet" you mother.

  • High time!

  • lynn dell looks fabulous! and Linda fargo is absolutely stunning! I love her outfit and that is my color combination as of the moment!


  • Fabulous! What stunning panache! Love the hat and the necklace.

  • Me encanta el collar de la señora.

  • Lynn is indeed true style inspiration, and I'm glad to see so many people respond to her eternal and endless style. Say hi to your ma for me. I hope you are having a GREAT time! xo. Bella Q

  • b

    You know I am a wannabe New Yorker…how I would love to be a fly on the wall at your party. I sounds like such fun.

    I love the video. It is so much fun to listen to the voices of the women you photograph.

    Have fun.


  • Anonymous

    your mom is adorable!!!…..I love all the woman you feature on the blog but I do have to admit I have a prejudice…..the woman who age naturally and work with "what they got" and adorn it and make the best of their intrinsic beauty(something that can not be bought) fascinate me the most……for me, it is more of a true sense of self and confidence. Women that still buy into the "lips" and all the other popularly touted beauty emblems, tight cheeks, whatever, make me feel sad in a way…..sad in that it is just a continuance of what has been deemed beautiful for the young ….and to see older woman still trying to try to live up to that…….hmmmmm

  • ugh too much fabulous in this post

  • It's definitely Lynn who stands out in the shot of her with the 'youngsters'!!

  • Ari, your Mom is such a pretty lady! I am glad you put her photo up for us to see. Wanda in Edmonton

  • I love this! It is so inspiring! So lovely that you feature your mum too – what a glamour she is. Will be jumping on the headwear video tutorials in anticipation of my trip to New York (from London) next week! And will be sure to put you and your beautiful ladies on our blogroll at!

  • Your mom is ADORABLE! Not surprising 🙂

  • The woman knows how to style.. and your mom looking good too…

  • OMG! You are looking gorgeous. The turquoise necklace is very cute. It is so inspiring. I love this. I must say that your mum is pretty lady & very adorable.

  • All I could think of when I saw the second photo was Young Frankenstein "You take the blonde, I'll take the one in the turban!"

    While her style is not mine, I prefer her's because it's hers. The three young women just look like clones. (And do not look like they are having nearly as much fun – probably because their feet hurt!)