BBC Interview With Ari Seth Cohen

This past weekend I spoke with the BBC from a studio in Seattle. My dad recorded the interview from the other room, so I thought I’d share it with everyone!

  • great interview…love your blog!!

  • Great interview. You are doing wonderful things for older women worldwide!

  • Oh yeah!! You can bet I'll be first in line to get your book and and please let me know if I can get a signed copy. Woo Hoo!! Loved your interview and your inspiring responses Ari. If that was your Dad in the other room as you say, well he looks like a gentle and kind man as you are. Congrats on a great interview. Have a wonderful day and regards to your Dad. I have to go now, errands to run.

  • I love what you are doing and celebrate it. I used to read a blog with beautiful photographs of "romantic" images but I quickly lost interest because it seemed that the photographer only saw romance and love in youthful people. I never saw an older couple, not even approaching 40 say, and to me romance and love is all the more relevant when it has lasted the tests of time.

    Same goes for fashion and I love seeing these wonderful images you post. I look forward to your book as well. Hopefully, you publisher will invest in travel expenses and you can move beyond your current environs to share more.

  • It's brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Such a great interview. Btw: I posted a few of your photos on my blog today. Have a great day. Diana xo

  • Ari, if I ever came upon a "Blog of Note" that was so BEYOND worthy of a huge promotion, it's yours. I stayed on your blog for 48 hours, looking through the archives, reading every piece, and watching each video. I am a 27-year-old with a recently-single 60+ mother. I have worried that because of all the "Anti-Aging" ads (not anti-wrinkles! Anti-AGING!) and the youth-obsessed culture we live in, she might not find someone to dance with. I just want Mom to feel free to dance. She is the most gorgeous [in every way] woman I will ever know. I am just so blessed to see a MAN appreciating real, true beauty around you, and thank you for bringing the gifts these fine ladies and gentlemen have to offer to the world around you. Thank you for reminding me not to fear growing old. Thank you for lending me something wonderful I can share with my Mom. I've already got a few of my girlfriends hooked as well 🙂 Thank you!! Thank your ladies!!

  • Jon

    Excellent! Well done, you – and well done the BBC for putting on a feature about fashionable "oldies"! Jx

  • Anonymous

    Speaking about ageless fashion; cashmere vanguard Magaschoni is hosting a FNO event at Searle (Madison and 60th) this upcoming Thursday between 6 and 11 PM. Should be pretty awesome; may be worth to take a look!

  • You are so wonderful everytime, my dear Ari.
    So proud!!!

  • MLF

    Ari – a really lovely interview – you should definitely be extending your new book beyond the borders of the USA – go global!!

    Am looking for some lovely stylish women to impart pearls of wisdom and knowledge on myluxuryfamily:

    1. how to travel in style at any age and
    2. cultivate a luxury family lifestyle

    Thoughts, ideas – hugely welcomed!

  • Ari,
    What an interesting interview, I really enjoyed listening to it. Fancy coming to Australia to photograph Aussie aging beauties?

  • Anonymous

    What a great interview, Ari, and thanks to your dad for recording it so we could all enjoy it, too!
    jill in Ontario

  • Fantastic!
    I just discovered your blog throug a norwegian site called Foreldremanualen, and I love it!

    I love the photos of elders you show. They look fantastic!

  • Hey nice blog 🙂
    Check out mine if you have the time. Thanks. +followed

  • Hey Ari, Congratulations!! I just noticed you were blog of note on August 25. Yay, hooray for you! Way to go! Have a great rest of the week and you definitely deserve Blog of Note.

  • What a combo — Ari and Jennie Joseph. (We love "Warning"). 'bout time this positive message gets out. We are NOT invisible. We hope Ms. Joseph is correct that "it is only a matter of time" til society & the fashion industry catch on to the Baby Boomers as consumers. Merci beaucoup!