Corey Lynn Calter Loves Advanced Style

Last Spring I met designer Corey Lynn Calter and team, for lunch in the West Village, and an idea was born. They were inspired by the style and spirit of ladies, like Ilona Royce Smithkin(above), and thought it would be great fun to have them self style the CLC collection for a small shoot. We called up 91 year old artist and performer, Ilona Royce Smithkin, and she thought this sounded like a grand idea.

[Video by Lina Plioplyte]
After Mary,one of Advanced Style’s chicest ladies, agreed as well, we started planning two exciting days of shooting.Mary was a real sport, shooting in over 100 degree weather, but keeping her cool the whole time. Ilona and Mary had a wonderful time making the clothes their own. They added their signature accessories,mixed and matched pieces to their liking,and used their years of fashion experience to style magnificent outfits.Check out the video of Ilona, above, explaining why Corey’s designs can be worn by women of all ages.

  • Just georgous! The Brightly colored tunic and black slacks show that one is never too old to wear color, as some would have us believe. I also adore the classy black dress with the little jacket. The geometric design is fabulouis, and she definetely makes it "hers"! Wonderful, just wonderful!

  • I think it's great that these ladies still take the time to make themselves look and feel fabulous with their talent for style.

  • I love this! It's so wonderful to see a designer using older women! and real women, with crazy wonderful style, and letting them self-style the garments! I think this is the best photoshoot for a fashion brand ever!

  • she looks great! full of life and spunk <3


  • Wonderful! It's great to see fashion shoots of older ladies looking absolutely fabulous. I had one myself a week ago (photos follow soon) and it's actually quite a lot of fun to be a model as well!

  • Janis

    Okay, the outfit with the lime green summer pants looks spectacular on Ilona, and the last outfit on Mary is fantastic as well, with the sort of Hmong-looking geometric print at the front opening. the others are also good, but those two are particular standouts.

  • so stylish!!! love them!
    p.s. check my blog out! i would really like to know your opinion!

  • Ilona you and Mary were lookin to good. I love the designs by this designer. If Ilona and Mary can rock it anyone can. Here's another designer that GETS IT.

  • Wow this is me at their age.
    No way am I succumbing to aging and putting dressing up aside.
    I may not live in a beautiful city like New York. But that sure as hell won't stop me.
    Bravo. I'm loving this new blog find.


  • So great to see unique, colourful clothing that can be worn by any age, and any body shape.

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  • passion for life! Love her!

  • This is just great , Ilona. You look so elegant and you really wear those clothes well! What a statement! YES!! BRAVA.

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    I like this grandma's taste 0f c0L0rs!

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  • Love it.
    Perhaps we'll see more designer and Advanced Style collaborations in the future!

  • I loved the idea of this blog. Beautiful clothes and models!