Get Ready For Advanced Stye With Ari Seth Cohen And Tavi Gevinson at The Ace Hotel

I have spent the last few days in Seattle thrift store shopping, attending a good friend’s wedding, and getting some good swim time in.I took a little break from work to prepare for a grand visit from my family,book editing, and the highly anticipated Advanced Style event with Tavi Gevinson at The Ace Hotel.The event is invite only, but we will have pictures and videos to share from our inter-generational celebration.

  • Oh wao! This sounds like a truly amazing event! I can´t wait to see the pictures 🙂

    The Black Label

  • Looking forward to the videos and to your book! Wand in Edmonton

  • Looking forward to the videos and pictures you come back with. Have fun Ari, in fact have a blast. You deserve a break.:::anxiously awaiting the end results::

  • I am so so so looking forward to all pics!!!!:)


  • More power to all of you! I fell in love with your bog at first's sooo COOL! especially your "models" =) Keep it up!

  • Woo Hoo

  • that event sounds intriguing and what I would give to be in the audience.
    Wish it were being recorded and broadcast after the fact. I don't comment often but I absolutely adore your blog.

  • Looking forward…
    Meanwhile, hang out on 3rd at Pine – some odd sorts, with occasional bright old daisies (like the man in royal blue – zoot suit, fedora, and dress shoes).
    Sadly, Capitol Hill has gone to the young. or rather, Happily, Capitol Hill has remained young…

  • Good Blog!! I follow you, follow me back, please, thanks

  • Hungry with anticipation, I would have loved to have been there.