Milan Fashion Week:Advanced Floral

I saw this woman enjoying a cappuccino with a friend near Corso Como in Milan. I wanted to ask if I could take her photo, but decided to wait until she finished her conversation. A few minutes later, I turned around, and she had already left.Luck would have it that I ran into her a few hours later near Brera. I asked if I could take her picture and she explained in Italian that she doesn’t speak English. I pointed to my camera and smiled–She understood, and I got a great shot.

  • Love the bird's nest hairdo.

  • I love the autumnal print of her dress! 🙂

  • oh my god i love her hair!!!!!!!!!!

  • I agree with the first comment – the bird's nest hairdo… and the sophisticated/fun colour. It manages to pull it to a higher level, giving the look a more interesting vibe and deeper personality.
    I adore the clashing florals and, with that, the gold accessories… the gold handbag and the wonderful way that she has TWO so different handbags.
    Oh, and photo-wise, the insouciance with which she holds her glasses gives it an edge.
    A beautiful example of how style is not affected by age.

  • ha ha! She looks like she's about to throw out a "Capice?!" Glad you got the second chance.

    Perfect timing;

  • She looks fabulous, and you are my hero.

  • I love that dress! I also love her facial expression. It's fantastic!

  • She looks like a woman who knows what she wants. She's looking good and love her hair! Thanks for sharing.

  • CarolWL

    I was also going to say I love the wild hair!

  • Luck was with you on this shot. I love her hair and her willingness!

  • wow, lovely pic 🙂

  • Gorgeous! Love the print of her dress, with her hair swept up – and her air of confidence, like she knows just what she is doing, and why.


  • great style…so easy. Look and learn!