On Dressing Age Appropriate

Many people feel that women of a certain age shouldn’t dress up, express themselves, wear bright colors, and even show a little skin. From my experience, the ladies I feature, feel more free to express themselves as they have gotten older. They care less about what other people think, and rely more on their own instinct. I asked a few of my favorite ladies how they feel about dressing “age appropriate”, what an older woman should never wear, and if one can dress sexy as they age. Read their responses below and please comment with your own opinions.

Beatrix Ost- Age appropriate I would say is silly, but please look in the mirror.Do not populate airports , places of sightseeing ,churches,any of such in foreign countries, wearing shorts like a teen.Sexy is in the eye of the beholder–be sparse with showing your flesh.

Zelda Kaplan- I think the important thing is to try to maintain one’s figure, so that the cloth lies properly on the body. I think one’s figure is more important than one’s age. I don’t believe an older person should wear short shorts, but whatever they feel good in works for me.

Mary- I think that saying women can’t wear color at a certain age says step back and die. Most important is to develop a sense of objectivity. I go by an instant reaction–if it’s negative that I don’t do it. Obviously you shouldn’t wear super short skirts. You don’t want to look like a crazy old lady.In short avoid those baby jane moments.Rita Hammer- If you look in the mirror and it offends the eye then don’t do it. I don’t think women of a certain age should wear hot-pants or miniskirts, but they can wear skirts an inch or two above the knee. That can look very elegant.It’s up to the woman to know what’s she’s doing and see if it feels right. It’s personal taste.

  • AMEN to all of them!!!

  • Gosh, she's amazingly beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    I think it's hilarious that each and every one of those ladies said something about wearing shorts and/or skirts that are too short. Personally, I think age 20-30 is the only decade that should allow that!

  • A Beautiful article. I like how they convey the message, you don't have to wear close to nothing to be sexy. Sexy can be all dressed up, sexy can come in any form.

  • The images of these ladies tell all. Fun and fashion go together no matter your age.

  • Your blog is so much interesting!
    WOW I found out it casualy and now I can't stop looking at it! I'm a your fan=)

  • Honestly, there are plenty of very young women and girls too who shouldn't wear very short shorts or short skirts. Best advice is please look in the mirror like Beatrix said.

    The Styleseer

  • All the ladies are lovely, but Ms. Ast is stunning. I love her combination of colors and fabrics.

  • I believe "age appropriate" means enhancing who you are rather than trying to be what you are not (or once were but are no longer). Far more exotic to be a woman of a certain age than a frozen in time barbie doll in denial.
    All the ladies you feature are not afraid to display their best features and personalities – that's why they are so inspirational.
    I guess the key is if you need plastic surgery to maintain a wardrobe choice (particularly involving legs or boobs) it's time for a new look!

  • These ladies and their style are wonderful. I loved it all.
    Thanks for sharing this with us. You've gotten a new follower. 🙂

  • They are all beautiful intelligent women who know who they are in life. I like what they all said but Mary said what I would. "Instant reaction, if it's negative, don't do it." That's the way I feel. I love Mary with her outfit. When I grow up, I want to be just like them. Oh what am I talking about, I'm already there. Tee hee. Thanks Ari. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not totally agreeing with "nothing short" after a certain age. Young, obese girls look even worse but no one says anything to them? Sorry, that's ageism.

    Look, no one is saying that to Tina Turner who has gorgeous legs. If your legs are toned, put on moisturizer and some very sheer hose. Stop worrying about your age limits. Live your life!

  • Wow they all look stunning but Beatrix really blew my mind. I wish I had half the amount of style even now at the tender age of 29!

  • Wow.
    Rita Hammer looks beyond stunning.
    And Beatrix's jacket blows my mind.
    What a terrific photo of her.

  • I think in old age, women doesn't should wear hot-pants, too short skirt or dress but they can (and should!) be a sexy! I think, all of women in this post look very beaufiful and sexy becouse they are so elegant and smiling.

    Mrs. Beatrix – You look amazing! Gorgeous! I love your style!

  • My favorite post so far! They all look so chic! God bless them! We need more women like them to keep STYLE alive! =}


  • What a Gorgeous blog! Viva la Vida! This is why I love old women. They got guts! I just can't wait until I'm old enough to dare being absolutley gorgeous

  • Wow. this is really “outside the box”. I have been always respect them and think they are funny and cute, but I didn’t but it in this way. Its lovely what u did there.

  • Women look at the age they deserve. If they feel young and inspired by fashion- God bless them. Perlinarosa

  • Great advice from the beautiful ladies!

  • Hi!

    I think it's what Zelda Kaplan said about maintaining ones figure! You should never ever wear something that doesn't lie good or that is too big or too small… A couple of weeks ago a saw a woman who was 68 years old (I had to ask) wearing a pair of shorts that looked absolutely amazing on her!! Granted, she had really nice legs, but she also knew what worked for her..if the shorts had been shorter it wouldn't have looked that good. I think if you like it, go with it!

    xo Rose


  • These women look amazing… great taste in clothes too.

  • There was a phrase my Mum used to describe what you shouldn't do – mutton dressed up as lamb.
    Having said that let me clarify that it does not apply to the ladies you feature on your blog. They are an amazing inspiration to us all that you can still stand out and have fun whatever your age.

  • You know my style has never changed…not that I haven't tried. I do cover up a little more these day. I found I did not like getting my legs or even my arms out in the summer. I just found a way to dress that reflected the season without arms and legs hanging out. Is that age appropriate? I just feel like it is me now!

    Loved this post…I am going to link to it and give you my thoughts…okay?


  • Oh goodness, I love this! I personally don't think ANYbody should wear short shorts, but I was at the fair last weekend (in ALASKA) and saw some little girls (13 or 14?) with half their little buns visible out of their shorts and it made me wonder where their mothers were 🙁 These ladies are just wonderful!!

  • Hi, I just LOVE your blog 🙂 Im new and I was hoping I could become like you! Any tips on thank? Please e-mail me any tips Thank You !!!!!!!!!

  • KB

    She is looking so stylish this blog

  • Gosh. I think it's ridonkeykong to say that "women of a certain age shouldn't wear hot pants or mini skirts." Can't we just say "women shouldn't wear hot pants or mini skirts?" I don't want to see that on anyone. But let's not turn that into an ageist statement, please. And by all means, if you're going to cover yourself up with a pair of neat-o tights, go ahead and wear that mini skirt! What's the problem?

    I think we look to the older generation as an example of class, so I think that's why we prescribe these notions of what older people should and should not wear. We decide what's "classy," and when we see a "classy person" wearing clothing that's, well, not, that's where we go whaaaa? But golly. We all need to be proud of our bodies. Wear what makes you happy!

  • Bravo to all these fabulously fashionable women. This blog is so inspiring, the older you get the more developed your sense of style is and often the better it is. You all inspire me.

  • Janis

    I have to agree with the people who say there are a lot of women in their 20s and 30s who have no business wearing super-short skirts at all. If you have the legs, then go for it … and to be honest, legs are often the part of the body that stays good the longest. You'll need to wear nylons to smooth out skin tone, but that's a minor thing.

    As you age, you'll need to stop wearing tank tops long before you can still keep wearing short skirts, if you keep your figure in good trim. No matter how thin you are, you get arm wattles. But if you mind your weight and fitness, your legs can keep going for years.

  • All of the women above are ridiculously stylish and beautiful!


  • I totally agree.
    It's all abouy the style, not age.

  • this is so fun! You have a lovely blog, so nice to see older people,finally ! x

  • All of these ladies are just beautiful! I agree that women of a certain age should not wear the things that a teenager can get away with wearing. Then again, many teenagers really shouldn't be wearing the things that they wear. I think that, as you age, sex appeal should have more to do with elegance, poise, and confidence than with showing off your skin. A lady can wear clothes that accentuate her figure and make her look both sexy and classy.

  • I love this blog! Too often, our culture is harsh toward the advanced aged and this blog, and its amazing photographs, is revolutionary and inspiring!

  • Jen

    Beatrix Ost is so inspiring – what a beautiful, stylish woman!

  • "step back and die" Brilliant. Wonderful women.

  • I believe everybody ought to look at this.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! Thank you. I am empowered to think that we do not have to shuffle off gently into that good night! What verve, what joie de vivre, what elegance to lift the spirit, the imagination-to boldly announce that we are here, still full of style and love of life. Everyone 50,60,70+ I have ever asked this question, "How old do you really feel inside your thoughts and feelings– what age is that stream of consciousness inside your mind?", has answered that they think and perceive as the 18 to 23 or 24 year-olds they once were, but are so glad they have the experience, wisdom and knowledge they have now.
    Smith grad.

  • yes, love these ladies. Or I have to prefer who said that after 30 years a woman could not wear short or colors, or try to express herself??? World is only for 20-30 years old people (women end men, of course)?
    Love your work!

  • Sandy

    Just read that Zelda died today. Rest in Peace. Will miss her…

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  • Pretty Cool! I liked your style of outfits. Its suiting on you. The first one is looking incredible on you. Love you darling…I love trendy clothes.

  • Anonymous

    I could only hope to be so self-possessed as I age. Who says aging isn't beautiful? The cult of youth can keep it!

  • Veronica Hearst is a great example of a celebrity who dresses age-appropriate

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful website. Thank you for showing older women in a great light. It is a privilege to age!

    I would change the question to "How many Years Young are you?" These women are inspiring and are not "old".

  • Someone has said it right, Age are just numbers. These all women are looking so gorgeous wearing this wonderful dresses.

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  • Anonymous

    Love it!!

  • Joeann Lafontant

    Iam 67 and I try hard not to look it my grand children say I should dress older I don't feel 67 so I dress 47 n it looks good thank you for your help Iam going to show this to my grand children

  • Denise

    whar a brilliant site!! I am a very fashionable 40 something and I have to say, I am so inspired. I agree that you grow in confidece and grace as you get older. I am looking forward to it. Amazing!