On The Way Home

I ran into this gorgeous lady on her way home from pilates class.Ladies like her and our old friend, 100 year old Ruth,(featured previously) are reason enough to sign up for classes right away. These wonderful ladies are proof that keeping active is one of the keys to aging gracefully.How have the Advanced Style ladies inspired you?
  • a 100, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. She is absolutely stunning, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • One thing that stuck in my head was a comment one of the ladies made inher video. You asked her the secret to aging gracefully and living a good long life. She said, "Keep your weight in check. And stay active." A light bulb came on in my head when I read that. While not terribly overweight, I weigh more than I should. I am now on a weight redcution plan and no longer shirk off my daily workouts. I am 59 and I want to be like Ruth, doing Pilates and heading off to Bermuda when I am 100. Wanda in Edmonton

  • No way, she's 100? fabulous!

  • ari

    Sorry guys,
    She's not 100 but does pilates like Ruth Cobin who I have featured before!


  • She is absolutely stunning I love the tone in those arms. I'm inspired!

  • .. well, it shows that being active adds a lot to life and yes, your blog is very inspiring, thank you for all the work you are doing..
    all the best from Switzerland, Christa – 59 years old

  • Love the blog and find it a wonderful antidote to the standard fashion blog parade. Not being 6' and 120lb I find the stick-thin fashion model to be severely limiting and discouraging.

    The wonderful women on your blog are beautiful in their many shapes, sizes, and colors and walk through life with a level of joy and energy that I can hardly imagine having at the moment (at 32).

    Reading about them and enjoying all that they have to say about life has been like a detox for my soul reminding me of the glorious variety in beauty.

    They are also a great reminder that beauty is often a lot more about health, attitude, and energy than it is about having the right measurements, the best hair or skin, or even the most hip wardrobe.

  • meravigliosamente affascinante!
    la classe non ha età!
    a presto

  • Que increible es ella.||||
    love love.love.

  • Striking outfit, but a bit over dressed for going to and from Pilates class, no?

    The Styleseer

  • I think some readers have read this incorrectly. I think it was the other lady that was 100, not this one! Although I could be wrong. She looks fabulous, and I just can't believe the killer heels that she is wearing!!!

  • wow great blog! truly inspiring!!


  • Jan

    I found your blog some weeks before my 60th birthday, not too long ago! I had already felt the stirrings of rebellion brewing in my psyche because of that SIXTY staring me in the face and yet today all the stereotypes it entails, and then I happened across your blog and the wonderful ladies and gentlemen featured in it. Now, instead of saying to myself "I could never wear that" I am saying "hmmmm, let's try that on and check it out"; and instead of saying "I could never do that" I am saying instead "what's the worst that could happen if you do this – or that?" Well, I could end up broke and fighting the cats for alley food in my 80's – but on the other hand… Asking myself these questions had pretty much left my radar; now, I'm blipping all the time 🙂

  • Jan

    P.S. She's beautiful, has a great figure (what would I do to have a waist again???) and is beautifully dressed. I hope this lady knows she is now serving as a great inspiration!

  • I am a loyal follower and your blog has inspired me:
    "No fear
    Be bold
    You have nothing to lose
    Why not?"
    I always admired (old) ladies with style, eccentric or not and I am trying to change a bit at a time…I will be perfect when I will be 99.

  • Since I've been visiting your blog, these women have ALL totally inspired me. They've give me reminders to be who I am, eat healthy and moderate, exercise and have an I want to live attitude. They've also inspired me to wear RED lipstick. I actually went out and bought the red lipstick and matching nail polish. Thanks Ari for providing us with the profiles of these astonishing women who are living life to the fullest.

  • Rebecca

    What I really love about the wonderful people you showcase on this blog is the effort they make to style and present themselves to the world at large. It makes you feel really good to see and read about these stunning women (and men!). I live in NYC and much of the time, I am dismayed at the sloppiness and inappropriate dress of many.
    Thank you!

  • They inspired me to be more confident in experimenting with clothes and just to have fun.

    They always look like they are having an awesome time 🙂


  • Here is the deal: If these ladies can go to the trouble at their age why am I in sweatpants and a ponytail. They inspire me for sure!

  • Wow..I am so happy I came across your blog cause I think its genius!! I really love the target you´ve chosen and its true…style never ages…Btw I am following you and if you have some time please stop by my blog and follow if you like

    The Black Label

  • Ohh my! She is totally fabulous! I wish I could pull that off as well as she does.


  • All such beautiful ladies, but most oh so fashionably slender…

  • I love your blog Ari and now visit it everyday for more inspiration. I think the thing I admire most is the gorgeous colour these terrific women wear in a world where fashion today often dictates black, grey and neutral. Their confidence sparkles and shines and makes that voice inside my head say – just go for it, have fun, enjoy life and the world around you, be proud of who you are and take time to look after yourself.
    Michaela from Australia

  • Pilates rocks and so does this Dame!

  • Very chic. And great that she is still doing piliates. How have the advanced style ladies inspired me is your question. They are the reason I'm paying more attention to my own style and why I have created this blog. Especially for women over 40. Keep up the good work. I'm trying hard to find these ladies here in Singapore!

  • So glad I stumbled across your blog, you've got a nice theme going on here. Advanced style, I really like these pictures and the woman portrayed in them… they are all fabulous. And this beautiful woman here, gosh… she couldn't be prettier, and fitter. Wonderful outfit too.

  • Libby Christoph

    I am amazed at the style of all the ladies you have featured in your blog. They have inspired me to look better and live each moment to the fullest!Your blog is absolutely wonderful!!!

  • Perfection. I'm sure Pilates helps, but this beautiful woman also has incredible genes and wonderful taste. I love her flamenco dancer, raven hair.

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  • she looks like my mom.


  • 100 years old and dressing up. It goes to show you can dress up at any age.


  • Lex

    Holy GOATS! She's AH-MAY-ZING! She looks better than me!


  • ou my gad!

  • your blog is absolutley brilliant, so unique 🙂

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

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  • This lady is stunning, look at those legs!! nice depth of field on the photo too Ari really makes her stand out. Whatever her age I salute her, I've tried pilates it ain't easy!!

  • What a refreshing contrast, this blog, compared to the ubiquitous, over-stylized fashion mags and blogs. "Advanced Style" is so aptly named. The men and women that you feature here are stunning, and I find myself coming back to look at your older posts because, just like your subjects' stylishness, each post is a like breaking news. All of the blogs I follow have to do with food–except this one. I can't get enough!

    Thanks for sharing the stories and images of these every day style icons.

    Alaiyo Kiasi-Barnes

  • Ari ~

    Thank you for letting the world know that being a woman of a certain age does not doom her to having no style and no life for the remainder of her years. You have no idea how you and the lovely ladies — and dapper gentlemen — have inspired so many.

    The woman in this piece is amazing and beautiful! I love her look. Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    Soooooo!!!!!!! cute wish my grnadma was this fashionable. Hey check out another fun fashion blog and dont forget to leave a comment while there. It is called what2wear-kk.blogspot.com CECK IT OUT!!!! oh and PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I really love this blog. It shows that it doesn't matter how old you are, you can always be a DIVA!

  • she looks so sophisticated!



  • What she said. I agree with so many of the comments above about the awesome ladies of Advanced Style whose secrets you have shared with us. Based on what I've read I'm a few years from advanced qualification, but there are days when I need the lift that comes from these truly inspiring pages.
    Mega thanks!!

  • Simply amazing-I love everything about her outfit!

    Me and a couple of my friends were wondering about the fashion week event you posted on your page a few weeks ago (the one that Tavi is supposed featured in as well), can you please update us on what is going on with it? Is it a public event? Invitation only? Etc. We would love to go!

    If you could briefly update your readers or maybe shoot me an email it would be greatly appreciated, dagusia29@yahoo.com

    xx Dagmara

  • amazing-looking lady. she is divine! i'll keep doing my pilates and yoga- thanks for the inspiration!

  • emilythestrange

    About 2 years ago I was thinking about buying a pair of new boots, and I would love a purple Martens. I almost decided that as a 33 year old medical doctor I have to accept that I AM too old to wear purple Martens. That is for teens. Then I came across this. So thank you, really. I bought them of course. http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com/2009/09/pensively-punk-rock.html

  • She's got the age, she's got the style, she's got the look and she's got the attitude…
    What else i can say, she's awesome !!!

  • Ari congrats for remember us (I'm 68). Great Job. Excellent blog, from Argentina, Julia C.

  • Anonymous

    i would date her and im only 18

  • Maria Luisa

    She looks like an ex-ballerina. Pilates is great for all ages. I am just starting my journey as a pilates teacher and am thrilled.