Real Vintage

Sometimes our most cherished items are ones that we have held on to throughout the years. Many of the women I stop to photograph proudly announce how long they have had a certain dress or wonderful vintage accessory. I told this woman that I take street style photographs and she immediately smiled and told me that her dress was probably older than I was.

  • I used to be a personal assistant for a woman in her 60s that had grown up visiting her grandmother in NYC, and then spent a large amount of time there as an adult. We became very close, and when I left she gave me some vintage fur, gloves and some Calvin Klein jackets that I just can hardly stand to put on they're so beautiful. She said the same thing – "all of this is much, much older than you." It gives a sense of awareness, doesn't it?

  • Una señora muy jovial, enhotabuena por mostrarnos su estilo.

  • Ang

    Commented on Facebook, but wanted to share here too…that appears to be a 1960s Catherine Ogust "beach dress" done for Penthouse. Love the red necklace with it!

  • Ang

    Commented on the Facebook post, but wanted to share here too….this appears to be a 1960s "beach dress" done by Catherine Ogust for Penthouse. They're fantastic dresses! Love how she's rocked some red with this one!!

  • She has such a kind smile…and of course, her outfit is just lovely!

  • A friend of mine just told me about your marvellous blog, and I just wanted to let you know how much I adore it!!! So many wonderful photos & pieces of advice 🙂 It makes me so happy that this blog exists! We should definitely respect our elders and look up to them, they have so much wisdom and beauty to share!

    It's a blog like this that can change the ridiculous belief some have that growing old is a bad thing! It should be embraced 🙂

  • The dress is wonderful, shoes are so cute and the smile is great. What a lovely lady.

  • How lovely!

  • Such an elegant and regal looking old lady.

    I adore the dress – the simplicity and contrasting blue and white. Then, to add a red necklace… it just brings out such an array of colour.

    Everything, from the shoes to her wonderful smile, is perfect.

    Still adoring this blog – I never miss a single post!

  • That last part made me laugh out loud! Your blog gives me so much joy. I think that people should spend more time learning from their elders.

  • sandy

    You go girl. You're looking good.