Weather Appropriate

New York has seen a lot of rain the past couple of days, but that won’t stop the ladies of Advanced Style from dressing up.Here are some of my favorite rainy day looks from some of my favorite ladies.

  • Love all the looks! and they all smile beautifully 😉
    PS I especially love the purple rain boots on the first pic

  • Love the purple boots.

  • Fantastic photos! Don't these ladies look just great – even in the rain! I love the purple boots by the way.

  • Ohhhhh I LOVE the umbrella in the first pic!

  • They really do dress up well even when it rains, gotta love them! Love the umbrella the first woman is holding, I think its the nicest one I have ever seen. Love her purple gloves, and matching boots… she has great taste. The others are all striking and smart… love the different overcoats they have on.

  • The Umbrellas, the boots, the chic…
    Thanks to you women of a certain age are back in the scene again. How can we all repay you, my dear friend???.
    You have made history, true history, because you have change lives and touched hearts.
    Mil besos.
    I love and admire you, but you know that by now.

  • We've seen a lot of rain here in England too these last few days, though not quite so much style. Loving the wintry colours on display here, elegant, stylish, beautiful.

  • All gorgeous, but I especially love Mary's uber-stylish rainboots!

    The Styleseer

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  • Love the looks of all of these ladies…especially the green coat!
    They are fabulous!

  • Wow, aren't they wonderful!!

  • Love the bumbershoots and purple sneakies!

  • Tziporah looks fabulous (as always!). The other ladies are tres chic. Thanks, Ari!

  • The first and third ladies are fabulous! Great color matching right there! =}

  • Hola, he descubierto este blog a través de la publicación de un reportaje en una revista española y me ha encantado. Enhorabuena.

  • That last silver coat is fabulous! I love this blog!x

  • Love the purple boots and fabulous umbrella in the first photo.

  • I just fell in love with that umbrella! So lovely! I love all the looks on all the fine ladies.

  • The last photo is just excellent…

  • I love your outfits gergous really beautiful 🙂



  • Great to see that the rain does not stop the ladies from dressing up! 🙂

  • I love the umbrella in the close up hat shot…it gives the photo depth and dimension. I'll have to try that in one of my hat shots…

  • Just discover your blog – love it!

  • Anonymous

    Been looking for ages for a coat like the last one! Me want!!!

  • The green lady with the green bag and green raincoat is just like "spring welcome to town". Nice.

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  • I love your blog, I have become addicted! I see many fashionable older women around london 🙂

    That first umbrella I died for x