100 Year Old Ruth Lifting Weights

Ruth,100, lifting weights, in a favorite pair of gloves
Joyce, 80,with some of her favorite vintage Chanel accessories

A few months ago I shot an editorial for a German fashion magazine called me.style with some of the ladies and gentleman from Advanced Style. I was one of five photographers chosen to work on a story about “Fashion and Fame”, and the only one to use models over 40. Check out 100 year old Ruth lifting weights in a pair of her favorite gloves, and Joyce 80, wearing some of her best vintage accessories. I was honored to work on this project. I hope the photos above inspire you to dress up and stay active, no matter how old you are.

  • I just discoverd your blog. What a gemme of beauty and humanity. I love it. Thank you for doing such good work !!!!!!!! signed a grey hair 44 years old woman

  • Yes I definitely have been inspired by your ladies and your blog. I really enjoy coming here and leave inspired. Thank you for that. Have a great week. Your ladies look awesome as always.

  • Congratulations…that is awesome. 100 and 80 look good on these amazing women.
    I just discovered you blog and am addicted. Thank you for this. I don't feel so invisible any longer.
    I am a woman who never told her age…until in a company of women, of all ages, a few weeks ago. I am 69…when I told them they gasped…seems they thought I was younger. It was a good first step. Perhaps I will try that again 🙂

  • Bellas y con distinción.

  • Anonymous

    OMG! Joyce is beautiful. She looks more like 70 than 80!

  • I love seeing the older ladies looking fabulous! At 54, I still have something to look forward to and not have to give in to "dressing my age". -T

  • The most powerful and adorable blog!!!!These unique ladies are so fresh and cool!!!!!

  • I love this website. It's such an inspiration, in fashion and in life.

  • She is great! 🙂

  • Beautiful and radiant, carefree over time! This it is to live! Congratulations on photograph them!

  • Janis

    Joyce, you have the most spectacular skin …

  • I think I have some gloves just like Ruth's–they were my grandmother's. I love the style and the philosophies of many of these grand older ladies. I'm so glad I found this blog. I hope you don't me linking to your blog and highlighting a couple of photos. (They're just so fabulous I want others to know about them)!

  • In our culture it really hard to meet this kind of amazing stylish women at those ages.Your website is really inspring me .I show your website to my grandmother, even for her the photos of your lovely characters look like they live in another world that she hasn't live yet 🙂

    I follow you Arin, You have a special soul from Allah…

  • Wonderful.

    The ladies prove it, it's possible to look and be sexy even at 100.

    Wow, I love your portraits.

  • Is she really 100 years old? Wow

  • If I make it to 100 I'm gonna lift weights too! And when I'm not using them I'll just carry them around in my favorite bag – so I can bring them out anytime I feel like impressing the other OLD ladies…Like my 94 year old grandma said when given the suggestion to to join a group where pensioners could get together and socialize: "Why would I want to do THAT?! There will just be a bunch of OLD people there!" 🙂

  • A gorgeous post. Ruth is just amazing and gorgeous!

  • I can only say I wish to be as gorgeous and fashionable as these women when I'm older…They are beautiful and so full of life. So inspiring 🙂

    Adrienne <3

  • Ege

    So beautiful ladies 🙂 I hope I will be beautiful when I'm old too 😉

  • Ruth is fabulous – and I must go to the gym!

  • A great reminder for me to keep picking up those weights! These two ladies are so inspiring and beautiful!- faces filled with the joy of life! (and it makes me smile just to think of that- thank you!!)

  • Your blog was highlighted in Blogger Buzz as an example of the "Magazine style," and I went to check it out, I stumbled across this post. The centenarian lifting weights is adorable.