The Colorful Life of Zoya

A few days ago I posted a picture of 72 year old Zoya dressed all in black. Here she is again in a much brighter dress and floral sweater. What first drew me to photograph Zoya, was her confidence and beautiful spirit. Style isn’t only about the clothes we wear, but also how we carry and express ourselves. Zoya’s lives a colorful life filled with music, art, and fashion. Her style is a reflection of her rich appreciation of culture and beauty.

  • All your ladies are armed with poise and what looks like a stability in their life. When I grow up, I want to be like all your ladies. Thanks Ari, Zoya is elegant and very poised.

  • Long time reader, first time commenter. First of all, I love your blog. The pictures make me smile, daily. Thank you for doing what you do.

  • I love the confidence she's exuding in this picture!! She looks beautiful in color!

  • YES! I love Zoya. She gives the best face.

  • She looks like pink cupcake 🙂 Cute.


  • I thought Zoya looked glamorous in all-black. But she's even more gorgeous and inspiring in full colours! Great shot.

  • I love the colors of her outfit, including those shoes which look super comfy.

  • I would listen to him speaking all day long. Very charming indeed.

  • She has it all. I adore her style even more in colour.

  • I remember that post – I love her confidence. I think age lets you define your style – and years give you confidence to express yourself.

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  • What an amazing blog! We never have seen anyone like yours, but seeing your blog we think that style doesn´t have age! It´s nice that old ladies love fashion and style if you want you can visit our blog!

  • I love looking at your pictures of lovely, sexy older women! I am 66 and hoping to maintain a modicum of style as I age, although where I live (on north Vancouver Island surrounded by forest, mountains, ocean, bears, cougar, and Elk, among other wildlife!) I don't get much opportunity to dress up – out here you put on your best Gum boots when you go socializing-) Still, I'm an artist and do have a reputation to uphold, so I like to keep up with what's in style when I can. Thanks again for this great blog!

  • Rebecca

    The confident, stylish and beautiful women in their 70's that you showcase are so inspiring. Zoya, Beatrix Ost, Joyce, Mary and the fabulous Lynn Dell set such wonderful examples to us all. They are so individualistic in their style and personalities. I won't mind getting older if I can be like them!

  • Adorable!!!!!!I love your aesthetic…the most interesting blog this's a really inspiration for my work..

  • i love to here style.
    she is looking good.

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  • nic enice nice and nice

  • It's great to see a woman like this, smiling and confident.
    Feeling good about yourself starts with accepting how you look.


  • And there's me thinking I'm too old for a pink flash in my hair. Must try harder 🙂

  • I commend you on your open-mindedness to show that women of all ages, sizes and colours can be beautiful! If only the rest of the world thought the way you do. I think Zoya rocks!

  • may i use this photo for a project of mine? like edit it?

  • In black or in color, Zoya is a beauty! She has the kind of attitude and confidence all women should have! I have found in her the inspiration to wear what I want as long as I feel good wearing it. I lover her in this beautiful shade of pink!

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  • First of all, I love your blog. The pictures make me smile, daily. Thank you for doing what you do.

  • I love the sltyle of this woman!!