Helen Drutt

The other day I had the privilege of meeting gallery owner, professor, and jewelry and crafts collector Helen Drutt. My good friend Debra Rapoport has been exhibiting in Helen’s shows for years, and she knew that she was a perfect candidate for Advanced Style.

  • Look at that bling! Wow!

    ~ Clare x

  • Look at that lovely brooch

  • Lovely style! 🙂

  • completely into the hat and brooch! perfect combination

  • That's a brooch!

  • Fabulous bracelets and brroch.

  • She sounds like the kind of person I would be thrilled to meet.

  • What a lovely stylish lady. Love her black and white cloche hat.

    The Styleseer

  • Her look is perfection!! I hope I can only be so chic when I'm her age.

  • Helen looks fabulous – great coat & beautiful accessories.

  • We can only hope to someday carry ourselves with this much grace and style…This is a beautiful blog, so glad we found it 🙂

    <3 Blonde Vivant


  • Jan

    That broach is to die for!

  • Rebecca

    A very elegant lady. I love the simple but bold accessories and hat.

  • she's so classy! Love her hat and brooch!


  • Rebecca

    I didn't know about Helen Drutt until I saw your photo and googled her. She is a fascinating woman who is esteemed for her decades of work in the arts. I'd love to see an interview with her!

  • That brooch is just wonderfull !


  • The hat really suits this lady and she knows how to work pieces to her advantage. The glasses reflect the hat & brooch shape, and accentuate her eyes. The angular white piece on the hat echo the lapels of the coat–great subtle work! And I think navy is underutilised! Have a look at my blog to see another advanced style lady–crazy as she is!

  • Amazing subtle but strong style there. Great hat and glasses that accentuate her eyes and work the brooch and large lapels of the coat. And I think navy is underutilised! Have a look at my blog to see Dee-another advanced style lady, crazy as she is!

  • Intense appreciation for that hat! x

  • Wow, all that style! Great hat, great ciat, great bling bling! Maybe I'm even going to try to copy this style some day:)

  • I was very impressed to see her STYLES. Very attractive.

  • Wow! This lady is elegance personified. Love the hat.



  • I like the hat – with it you can see the whole face!

  • Lady B

    If that's not Retro Fabulousness, then I don't know what is!

  • Perfect!

  • Perfect!

  • Helen was my dealer for so many years. She has the best eye.

  • Helen was my dealer for many years… she has the best eye.

  • Gaaaahhhh, that brooch!!! Also, the rest of her look is stunning.