Ilona Royce Smithkin:How to Turn an Old Umbrella Into a Stylish Accessory

Every time I visit my good friend 91 year old artist, Ilona Royce Smithkin, she has something new and exciting to show me.Whether its an umbrella that she has turned into a scarf and matching bracelet, or an old scarf made into a beautiful gown, Ilona’s creations are always colorful and creative.What is so great about Ilona’s style is that she has so much fun putting everything together. She is inspired by her work as an artist and sees each outfit as a combination of colors on a painter’s palette. Ilona proves that we can be creative and active, no matter how old we are.
  • What a fun and remarkable woman!

  • This lady is amazing! I would love to meet her in person! Plus the ideas are great! I am all for reusing things that I already own!

  • I love her! she seems amazing!

  • She is gorgeous beyond any words I could say.
    What an inspiration…

  • amazing blog!!

  • She gives wise advice. I always find myself mixing colors that so-called don't go together but somehow is works

  • Ilona is such a lovable woman! She truly has the X factor! I enjoy her wisdom, and share her love of color!

    Hugs Giggles

  • What a beautifully colourful Lady. I love her idea of colours becoming friends. She's an inspiration.

  • I think she is absolutely beautiful. One request, Ari, could you please turn up the volume when you make your videos? Some of us are a bit hard of hearing… Keep up the great work!

  • Anonymous

    Ari, I just came across your wonderful blog on the eve of my 56th birthday. I've had a tough time getting older, facing wrinkles and what to wear lately and I wanted to thank you and each of the women you feature for the inspiration and impetus to be me again!

  • Ilona has made me feel quite dowdy, maybe I ought to take a leaf out of her book. I hope I am as vibrant as she is when I am that age. Love from Ilona age 62.

  • :LOVE this blog. Am a vibrant 76, full of life and thrilled to find something geared to my age bracket. Have joined this site so I don't lose track of this fab blog.

  • I love that she has all those colors around her. She is right you know. Colors do lift the spirits. She's beautiful. Thanks Ari.

  • omg this lady is crazy AMAZING! shes great i love her she gets me so inspired, the blog itself is also amazing keep up the work guys :DD

  • I see her in my neighborhood all the time. She always makes my day that much better with her colorful duds. So adorable.

  • llona, you amazed me with your creative ideas. I couldn't believe how you used an umbrella to make accessories. When I discovered your video and read the title, it made me curious, so I looked at it. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    I never thought of doing what you did with an umbrella. This was unbelievable! Now you give me ideas and you have my creative juices flowing. LOL!

    Ilona, Your video is AWESOME!