Matching Vintage Hat and Coat

I try and feature a little bit of everything on Advanced Style. I am drawn to people who have a strong spirit and pronounced sense of personal style. Style is the starting point to a greater conversation on aging gracefully,creatively, and full of vitality. One day you may see a woman with pink hair, or an outrageous hat, while the next day I’ll feature an elegant lady who prefers more classic styling. I photograph whoever catches my eye each day, and am always on the look out for great style and great stories.

  • Really enjoy visiting your blog regularly.
    I would like very much to draw you and your readers attention to my blog today; please visit the posting "contrasts" and look at the old lady who I met on the streets of Brussels!
    (picture under the heading contrasts)

  • Hello,

    I find your grandmas absolutly wonderful and I would like your authorisation to use some of the pictures on my blog :http:/www.mon-blog-a Of course a link will be put in place to show the origin of the pictures.

    I hope that I will hear from you soon.

    In advance thank you very much.


  • Classic and classy style!

    The Styleseer

  • She looks so lovely and elegant!

  • ari

    Of course you may use my photos doudou

  • Love your blog Ari – it's so wonderful!

  • I think this woman looks extremely elegant. I'm all for people expressing their personal style, though, and appreciate that you show such a range. Your blog is wonderful, especially for this 56 yr old who knows her own time for Advanced Style is sooner than later.


  • this is the real sense of style,your blog is simply wonderful

  • It's the woman I saw you photograph last Thursday night! She looked so lovely in the matching hat and coat.
    Thanks again for letting me tag-team shoot with you, it was great fun.

  • You cannot buy style! Love "la plume"…and everything else.

  • Anonymous

    What a beautiful woman! Great photo.

  • LOVELY!!!!!

  • CarolWL

    I. Love. That. Hat.

  • Congratulations on this blog so awesome.
    Sincerely, Vicen.

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