The New Old Hollywood Glamor:Turbans

I have always admired the glamor of Old Hollywood. When I was a kid my grandma and I would watch old movies together, and I was struck by the style of ladies like Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo,Bettie Davis and Grace Kelly. The ladies I photograph are a reminder that glamor is always in style. Turbans are not only one of my favorite accessories to photograph,they are also an easy and practical way to add a bit of vintage style into any wardrobe.

  • If I could pull off a turban, I SO. WOULD.

    I guess I'll have to wait another 20 years until I'm cool enough. 🙂

  • All i have to say is that i love turbans so much, all the pictures are absolutely stunning, Congratulations!

  • They (the models!) are all so beautiful.

    I am inspired.

  • Fantastic as always! Love turbans myself for an instant dose of the 40s. Sporting one today in fact, and just to prove turbans can be for all, I'm 34!

  • Wow, I'd never say that old woman with turban can be so amazing! Beautiful pictures!

  • I just did a post on the history of turbans last week! I love that woman in the green turban, I want to be as fabulous as her when I'm that age!

  • Those ladies rock turbans like nobody's business.

  • Turbans are glorious, and these women look spectacular in their choices.

  • Oh! just so beautiful. the lady in the green and then the blue…she is just fabulous! her style is over the top and dedicated. love it. The purple boheme with the turban and red sandals, perfectly accesorized..lovely, once again!

  • I have always loved the concept of turbans but rarely see one I liked. This post just changed my mind. I now, have to learn how to tie a turban.

  • Sooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!

  • very nice! I like it!

  • I don't know why I didn't know your blog. Now it's my obsession, I think you are a genious, and I love the fact you give voice at someone that in our society, most of the time, hasn't voice. I wrote a post on my blog about your job! Valeria

  • Me chiflan los turbantes y todos los adornos para el pelo. La señora del verde me encanta.

  • I love turbans… I wish I could wear it! Maybe later on…. Divine ladies!

  • The third picture is incredible. What class, what freightage, what elegance … this "savoir faire" with a very mystical air simultaneously that urban!


  • I want to look like these ladies when I grow up – I still have a lot to learn!

  • Jon

    More ladies should wear them – hail the turban! Jx

  • so inspiring! Im going to study these pictures and rock it:) thanks for posting this

  • I'd love to have a step by step to learn how to make these beautiful turbans.

  • So classy!! These ladies are awesome.


  • May be because I' m 68 I love so much your blog, thank you for doing so well. From Bs As, Arg. Julia C.

  • Grace Kelly is one of my heroes ^_^

  • I love these!! The colours are so vibrant. Thank you so much for capturing so much beauty.

  • These woman look so graceful! And they bring that want of wanting to look as glamorous as they are when we grow older. Fantastic!

  • nice!

  • Do you have any links to any kind of turban tying tutorial? I NEED to start wearing one 😀

  • cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

  • These women look so friggin fab in turbans! I must try and rock one!

  • Thanks for all the inspiration! You were mentioned and posted on my blog today;

  • I have a huge crush on turbans and this post really made my day. They are one of the most amazing accessories.

  • Love this. You don't have to tie a turban, btw…you can also buy them already made. I have a very chic one made of Missoni fabric from Barbara Feinman on East 7th street in the East Village. I wore it to my hat-themed 36th bday party.

  • I can't wait to get old now. I love turbans, and these gals look fan-friggin-tastic!

  • CarolWL

    Bring back turbans! Love these!

  • These women are beautiful!! This blog is great.. keep it going and maybe I can be featured here in 30 years 😉

  • Incredibila parada a modei, felicitari pentru aceasta frumoasa serie!

  • Bonjour, Puis-je vous emprunter quelques photos pour les présenter sur mon blog? En citant bien sûr la provenance en mettant votre lien.
    Merci, bonne journée

  • I love those turbans… I have been dreaming about a summer collection, shot on the beach, with a few turbans thrown in. These ladies have definitely inspired me even further. I know they are older than me, but i think as long as you have the right attitude and confidence, anything is possible!

  • they sure know how to pull off a turban or two

    those ladies are succh an inspiration tome as a younger generation and your blog shows me the beauty and wisdom of age!

    woop woop

    Rosie xxx

    check out my blog if you have the chance

  • J'aime beaucoup l'excentricité de ces "Old ladies", elles portent divinement le turban.
    Et elles sont d'une jeunesse incroyable.

    Translation :
    I like very much the eccentricity of these " Old ladies ", they wear divinely the turban.
    And they are of an incredible youth.
    Fine Bessot

  • Anonymous

    Wow. These ladies look great for being so "mature". Its good to see a stylist targeting seniors. They like to look good also.Orange County Web Design

  • Anonymous

    I don't really know if I have ever seen anyone more strikingly beautiful than the woman in the green turban with the green flower on her jacket. She is also in a blue turban with red flower on her jacket. What an inspiration to this 62 year old. I just discovered this blog and what a revelation!