On The Streets of Paris

Lina Plioplyte and I are in Paris for the Shaded View of Fashion Film Festival where we showed one of our Advanced Style short films at the Centre Pompidou.We had a great weekend and now I’m off to the the South of France for a few days of vacation.
  • Va a L'Ile du Levant Ari – pas beaucoup des vetements, mais beaucoup de style!

  • Anonymous

    She hasn't changed at all. Last time I saw her was ten years ago at her friend's Nadine …..Always the same light in her eyes ,and wonderful earrings!

  • never heard of Shaded View of Fashion Film Festival till now. can't wait to look it up and discuss it with my fashion friends.

    enjoy the South of France.

    bon voyage *-* <3

  • Love the glasses! Enjoy your vacation!

  • she looks so fashion!:D i love her outfit <3

  • this lady knows how to wear color and she rocks in color! it makes her glow! love the combination of the orange/red and blue! enjoy your vacation: du vin, du pain and du boursin! enjoy la douce france

  • The earrings are looking fabulous!


  • Nice seeing you in action.

  • I've jsut found your blog and am so glad I did. It's fabulous. Em x

  • We just got back from Paris – so many stylish dressings of all ages. In particular, older women that still apparently felt entitled to have their own style. Why do so few American women feel this way? I love your blog showing that we can all be proud of ourselves and dress that way – and be different from each other!

  • She has fabulous style, I love it <3

  • :D
  • like your blog…
    have a nice day.

  • j'aime beaucoup votre blog!
    moi aussi je fais un blog de street style a paris!
    Si vous rencontrez moi dans le marais direz salut!
    visite mon blog!


  • Have a great vacation Ari. Lina looks beautiful and now it's a blue type of glasses. Last time it was pink, I'll take them both.:)) Enjoy.

  • I like the red-orange and blue color combination.

  • The red-orange and blue combination is really nice.