Pink Fringe Hat

I met Piazza at the Stephen Jones exhibit wearing a stunning silver hat and grey coat. She came all the way from Detroit to hear Mr. Jones speak, and see some of his marvelous hats on display. Piazza is wearing one of her own creations above, a favorite of her customers in Detroit.

  • I adore her style, the hat is so funny and the blazer is too chic!
    Great pic!
    Have a nice day,

  • She looks so lovely!
    everywhere i look my eyes are engaged!


  • JUST LOVE her! She is STUNNING. and such a delightful person as well

  • her use of texture is just perfect! Her look is flawless. Kudos for catching it 🙂

  • You can never go wrong with PINK & I want her necklace!!!! 😀

  • oh my this lady can learn us something about accessories! how gorgeous is that combination and i love the way she used all those different textures (as winter said)! smashing

  • Oh my, she is breathtaking! I love that she owns her style!!

  • I adore the texture of the hat.

  • This is Very Nice 🙂

  • Fantastic blog!!! congratulations from Barcelona, I will follow every post!!!
    I adore to see seniors on absolute style! why not!!!
    different and intelligent!!


  • that hat is amazing!! she has an awesome style : )


  • NJJ

    that hat is like uber cool :>

  • Interesting but; cool 🙂

  • oMG!!
    Amazing! Just love her <33

    Portuguese fashion blogger

  • Ege

    Ah, I love 🙂

  • so how do i buy one of her hats?

  • ari

    send me an email to if you are interested in buying one of Piazza's hats!

  • I remember her in her awesome architectural silver grey hat at the talk. She has great style, definitely not afraid to stand out in a crowd, and makes excellent use of shape and texture contrasts in her hats.

  • cover her head is very balanced blend of color with a blazer that looked interesting & unique

  • great