“Style is Like Music, Everything Must be in Harmony”

At 72 year old, Zoya is confident about what she likes . I asked her how she would define her style and she replied, “I’m my own brand. A little bit Chanel, a little Zoya.” Zoya taught piano lessons for many years. She compares style to music and says that, “Everything must come together organically in harmony.”

  • Thank you for showing an older woman, who is not stick-thin. Thank you.

    And Congratulations to Zoya. She is looking marvelous.

    Gentle hugs,
    'Pix Muse' blog

  • she looks tremendous!

  • Love this site!!!!

  • I NEED her to give me those boots.

  • Oh she is amazing!

  • I love that:I'm my own brand.
    I adore her boots, too.

  • I agree with auntie here…

  • And she is absolutely right! Looking fabulous!

    The Black Label

  • Yay, a curvy woman! She looks fab.

  • I agree with Auntie. I was beginning to think that there was no one in NYC that wasn't underweight. She is lovely, the hair is gorgeous!

  • As a young fat fashion blogger, I am SO EXCITED to see a fat woman on Advanced Style! Especially one as spectacular as Zoya.

  • Bravo, Zoya! I love her attitude — and her own brand. 😉
    I appreciate all of the individuals featured on this site, and am delighted to see that not all are thin as a rail. Variety is the spice of life!

  • Anonymous

    I have to add my voice to the chorus – thrilled you're featuring a plus sized woman.

  • Rebecca

    Stunning woman! This is definitely my style – black with great, bold silver accessories.

  • sandy

    She really is sharp!

  • We need more "brands" like her.

  • That is a good comparison. Love the attitude of this woman!

  • wow, it's hard to believe that she is 72,her skin looks so good
    thank you for your share

  • Music is food for the soul, and I agree it needs to be harmonious and organic – like anything we wear as an expression of who we are. Fashion is an art form after all.

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  • Thank you for this blog, it's wonderful! I'm passing it onto friends who love to dress up but who often don't. I'm so excited I found you. x

  • She is BEYOND fabulous!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  • Susan-June

    That's it I'm in love. What a gorgeous woman.

  • Love her style! The shades and the shoes are killer!

  • Anonymous


  • If you have any way of asking her what she does for her gorgeous skin, please do and then please post her reply. Does she use powder or foundation? Does she use moisturizer? I'm very pale like she is (though much younger) and hate foundation. I need her advice!

  • What does she do to keep her skin so beautiful? When she goes out, does she wear powder? If you can ask her and post her comments, I'd be thrilled.

  • Zoya, you look like a million dollars! Amazingly beatutiful! And oh my goodness, I want this look now! I love how you've selected a dress that is perfectly suited for your curvy and shape and those boots? Swoon-worthy! Beautiful!

  • vvn

    fabulous confidence and elegance!

  • fabulous look. I hope I look that good and so well groomed at her age…um…at any age would be good!

    where DID she get the bracelet and neck piece??? Awesome!