100 Year Old Doing Pilates(VIDEO)

Last week I went to Pilates class with my amazing 100 year old friend Ruth.Ruth stretches everyday, lifts weights, and attends Pilates class once a week at Center Studio. She told me that she started taking classes in her late 80s. They help her feel strong and healthy and relieve her aches and pains. Ruth says that you are never too old to exercise and stay active. People always comment that they want to be like her when they get older. The key is starting young — Ruth has been active her whole life. Check out a few seconds of her class weekly Pilates class above.

  • Now THAT is inspiring.

  • This is awesome! I want to be doing yoga when I'm 100 too!

  • Ruth is fabulous! I started doing pilates a couple of years ago and hope I'm still going when I'm 100.

  • That's great xxxx

  • I hope that I can still do Pilates when I am 100!

  • NJJ

    wow, shes fierce

  • this makes me smile

  • Lauren @Styleseer

    Bless her heart! I'm half her age and can't handle Pilates.

  • Myriam

    She's so cool!!!!! It's really inspiring.

  • Sol

    Amazing! she's simply amazing! What an inspiration! Now I do feel bad for missing my pilates classes!

  • In awe!! She is my hero!

  • Blessings to Ruth! What a beautiful and inspiring woman she is! Thank you, Ruth!

  • Just love it, when you share Ruth with us.

    Wish this lovely lady, had a blog of her own. Perhaps you could suggest this, to her? Perhaps…? Please…?

    Gentle hugs,
    "To be admitted to Nature's hearth costs nothing. None is excluded, but excludes himself. You have only to push aside the curtain." ~Henry David Thoreau

  • Rebecca

    Ruth is not only an inspiration in terms of her physical grace and stamina at 100. She is also so beautifully groomed while exercising.

  • Tell me please…where do you find such wonderful examples of living life "comme il faut"

  • Fan-bloody-tastic!

  • Anonymous

    What you are doing is amazing. I get really inspired by the picture, and my fear of being old disappears. Keep up the great job. I wishes your blog the best, and your fantastic pictures!

    You should come here, the old ladies in Oslo, our capital is dressing really well.

    Best wishes from Norway.

  • that does it- i'm getting back into pilates. thanks, ruth!

  • Amazing woman! I do pilates and Tay Chi too, keeps you calm and focused.

  • Ursula in London

    Full marks to ARI for inspiring us with such beautiful people of a certain age. Thank you so much.