A Lady in Vintage

Linda is always dressed to the nines in wonderful vintage clothing and accessories.She says,”Vintage is elegant and timeless, and you can have things that no one else does.” Linda has a great sense of personal style, which has only gotten better with time. She embraces the freedom that comes with age and believes,“When you are younger, you dress for other people. When you are older, you dress for yourself.”
  • çok tatlılarr:)

  • Ann

    I so agree with everything she's saying, especially the part about learning to dress for yourself as you get older. I'm trying to speed up that part of my 'aging process' and wear the things I want to wear staring now, even though I'm still at a pretty impressionable age. I figure that if I do that, then by the time I'm older I'll already have a kick ass style identity like the ladies on this blog.

  • I want that hat!

    The Styleseer

  • That has got to be one of the most fabulous and stylish outfits I've seen in a long time.

  • So lovely. I covet her hat. I have never been to New York but something I love from afar about it is the fact that people walk around so much in cool weather, that many folks make outerwear part of their total look- and don't just slap on a jacket.


  • She is just beyond amazing and elegant.

  • Suella

    Great outfit and great legs.


  • I really like what she said about dressing for herself and not dressing for others any longer. She is very elegant.

  • … and really like: "she embraces freedom that come with age".

  • She is proof that vintage is the way to go! I am in love 🙂

  • I love Linda's style–she knows how to make vintage look elegant and very modern, and she is proof that "women of a certain age" can definitely wear skirts above the knee!

  • NJJ

    Cool tights!

  • Wow! lovely and confident. just perfect

  • Rebecca

    I love when you feature Linda. She is like a perfect picture of exquisite dressing. Always immpeccably groomed and with such flair and elegance. More please!!

  • Lovely lady, i love her french vintage style, she is so elegant and pretty!

  • very lovely lady!

  • Ari. Another great post. I think what I like so much about your blog is how much fun you have with life. You remind all of us to just not take ourselves too serious. To have good self care through fashion…to love ourselves as well as the world….Thank you for that wisdom you inspire us all towards!

  • Anonymous

    Love seeing full on vintage.the best thing about it is the quality is pretty much guaranteed as most of the more disposable.stuff has not survived. you can spot it a mile off, wearers I think feel that little bit more special and show it in their attitude. love the blog you are doing a top job of helping to prevent too much of a uniform emerging as it did in the quad revival, although my dad who was a local face in the suburbs of London where he lived in the 60's informed me there was definitely a uniform then but it changed almost weekly with quite a broad range of trends so is a uniform or cliche to be avoided as true mods will always find true individual style no matter how they found the scene. I began very much through the scooter scene so the uniform was sported for quite a while and I still wear a parka when riding or in current weather conditions for practicality as they were originally used and try to suggest to others but the 501's , adidas and modern takes on the polo shirt are seeing less outings now usually when I might see dirt or mess scooter related.

  • "Vintage is elegant and timeless, and you can have things that no one else does.” Couldn't have said it better myself! : )