Palm Desert

Thank you for all of your comments and support on my last post. I hope to empower people to feel good about themselves and live life to the fullest, so any feedback on my work is much appreciated. I met this beautiful woman while consignment shopping with my family in Palm Desert. She was shy about posing, but lit up the camera with her beautiful smile, as soon as she stepped into the frame.

  • These are amazing photos. Her personality shines through, giving you a feeling you are there with you.

    I love your blog. Your gentle message about aging and beauty is so appropriate at this time.

    :-), Susan Cooper

  • Great style and great makeup!

  • Wow! Stunning.

  • Very stylish treatment of a white collared button up shirt!

  • She looks gorgeous!!!

  • I love her dress. And the way she paired it up with white shirt. Regency echoes! I really love that.

  • Wow. This kind of thing give me inspiration not to be one of those elasticated-nylon-skirt OAPs

    Gorgeous 🙂

  • She's gorgeous !

  • She is gorgeous!!!!

  • Oh my god I love this lady! It´s great how she turned what could have been a casual dress into a really elegant and glamorous outfit! It´s such an isnpiration!

  • Oh my god I love this lady! It´s great how she turned what could have been a casual dress into a really elegant and glamorous outfit! It´s such an isnpiration!

  • Wow. She is so lovely. I cannot imagine her being shy, but beauty isn't always as evident to the beautiful. She's lovely, and your eye, as always, is incredible.

  • hey you are looking sooooooo beautiful in this attire.

    Nice & lovely pics

  • .. a very stylish lady… and you took great pictures of her..
    ciao ciao from Switzerland, Christa

  • Palm Desert is amazing lady !

  • Oh yes indeed! This "Lady" has it all. Awesome photos.

  • You're right, she is beautiful and so stylish as well. I just love this blog and looking at all these inspirational women. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs with us all!

  • Lover her make up!

  • k

    wow, she has beautiful eyes!

  • She is really beautiful:)

  • Ewa

    Beautiful lady, dressed so stylish… that makes me feel ashamed…
    I will go through my wardrobe and make some needed changes…

  • Such a beautiful lady so very elegant and stylish. I love reading your blog these ladies are so full of life and inspiration.

  • Glamorama! She rocks. I love this and your site in general. Very inspirational. Wonderful to see women and men who don't throw in the towel in terms of their style and looks once they reach their advanced years.
    Thank you.

  • Awesome woman!

  • Nan

    Very lovely lady and great photos of her.

  • FABULOUS! She could be a poster girl for living well!

  • Real beauty is ageless! What a lovely woman. -T

  • It's so hard to imagine someone so stunning could ever feel shy. She's beautiful.

  • you are wonderful!!! chic lady!
    I like your stile !
    Take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow ,
    have a wonderful day

  • My oh my…this post has got to be one of my favorites!

  • Great pictures, when you look this good, there is no reason to be camera shy!

  • Your work's wonderful, really. You're really a menthor to so many of us and your blog couldn't be a more complete source of inspiration. The lady in these photographs is so beautiful that it's hard to tell. The make up enphasises a very interesting dramatism to her expression.

  • Rebecca

    I love her choice of colors. They really bring out her beauty. She seems to be very aware of what works for her.

  • She looks fantastic!

  • really lovely photos~
    i really like the earrings 🙂

  • Dear Ari, you have a sweet and gentle soul, and it shows in your work. You make all women of a "certain age" feel good about themselves.

  • fashion is eternel !!!
    pls check my limited italian collections

  • Omg, she's so beautiful. I had to go back here and just look at the pictures once more.

  • Anonymous

    I just came acrossed your blog, while I am not "their" yet, but whats 12 more years, right, anyway, I have to say WOW!!! This just gives us so much to look forward to and know that style is never out, no matter how old we get, which is awesome!!

  • Gorgeous!

  • I love your Eyes Dear!

    Reminds me of Helen!

  • Classy like always ! 🙂

  • What fabulous legs! And I COVET those earrings.

  • Great photographs! I'm not too sure about the make-up though

  • I found your site from Tavi's site and I'm so glad it exists! We need more of this. The ladies you feature show that you can be beautiful and vibrant at ANY age. It's such a positive message–keep up the good work! 🙂


  • Absolutely stunning! Look at those gorgeous, soulful eyes. What a beautiful woman, she is. I'm glad she allowed the photos to be taken. It would have been a shame not to share her beauty with the rest of us.

  • Your photographs are so amazing! The confidence and inner beauty of these 'Ladies' just shines through.
    I was actually in the process of writing a post for women of a certain age. Its not finished yet, as I have a dilemma aas to what to call women over the age of 40, without insulting us 'ladies.'

  • Anonymous

    Oh My!!!!!She is awesome!!!!!!!!!!luv luv luv, from Brazil- Glaucia

  • This Lady is SO beautiful!
    She really lights (wows) the photo!

  • It is nice blog. in this blog, this lady is so is denote modern life style

  • I love this lady and the way she looks. She is an inspiration to fashion and style regardless of her age.

  • I love this lady and the way she looks. She is an inspiration to fashion and style regardless of her age.

  • Anonymous

    She's one of the most ethereal beauties I've ever seen (of any age.)

  • This woman is stunning!

    I started following you on Bloglovin' today,I can't tell you how much I love it! I've read almost all of your posts today 🙂 I am from Serbia,and old ladies don't dress up like that here. I'm 22 and I am amazed by the spirit of these gorgeous ladies!

  • Truly adorable, just so outclass.

  • Ema Watson

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