Thrifting is Fun

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks. I’m in San Diego visiting my parents, and the other day I found a beautiful St. John knit, for my mom, at a local resale store.She was so excited to get a designer piece for under $100. Debra Rapoport(above) shops almost exclusively at thrift stores. Her philosophy is to wear what’s either “Thrifted or Gifted.” Not only is it more fun to find treasures at a thrift or vintage store, but its better for the environment and easier on your pocket book. Check out some more thrfting tips from Debra below, and if you want to email her write to . (Debra made the hat above, so contact her if you are interested.)

  • L.

    Whoa, that hat rules my world.

  • Fabulous!

    Inspirational, as always:)

  • wow, I wish I had her confidence for such amazing outfit!

  • I want to be her when I grow up.

  • seen the video before, what an amazing look! it makes my friday a whole lot better, the combination is simply perfect! what an insane coat and the color combination with the yellow gloves is perfect! but i am completely blown away by the glasses

  • Thanks for sharing the video. I love Debra's energy and adventurous dressing spirit. It is women like her, and all the others you post about the inspire me to have fun with my clothes and how I dress. Thank you!

  • Debra Rocks! I love thrifting 🙂

  • she is gorgeous!!!

  • What a wonderful blog, so nice to see that style does not have an age.

  • Wow, that whole outfit is amazing! Doesn't Debra look just wonderful. I love the coat, AND the hat is fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    She looks fabulous. I love the mixture of the blue-green with the yellow of the gloves. I live for thrifting these days. Every trip is a treasure hunt.

  • What an eye pleasing look! I totally support the "thrifted or gifted" idea! Great post as always! =}

  • love debra's style

  • Utterly fabulous and inspiring! I am a recent follower and I honestly can't wait to get to a "batty" old age (but am getting there)!

  • one thing i love about debra's style- and there are many- is her color sense.

  • Classy, Fun and Fabulous! Love it and love her!

    The Black Label

  • I really love this page and will be mentioning on my NEXT blog. You really show that growing older can still look amazing.
    I didn't think of including fashion tips for the older generation in my blog and refuse to steal your idea as you are doing a great job.
    If you would like to view mine then please do, although it is more for the younger woman.

  • She is amazing and fantastic
    kisses from your follower! ♡

  • What a coo outfit! She rocks the hat!

  • Debra looks stunning and that hat is a beautiful work of art.

  • Cat

    That coat is beautiful. It takes a certain kind of attitude to pull that off, and does it flawlessly.


    Ohhh, love thrifting and Goodwilling! Great info here and love her style:)

  • Anonymous

    inspired at 49 now all i need is courage

  • wonderful!!!

  • Great video. And that hat is all kinds of amazing. Also, I love your blog, Ari. I think it's great how it shows that getting older is COOL. Heck yeah!

  • She's incredible,

    This blog consumes my Sunday afternoons!

  • Really adorable!

  • Debra has an artist's eye for mixing colours, shapes and textures. She is also blessed with the creative talents to make, or alter, a lot of things she wears. She is definitely one of the coolest women I know.

  • this woman is amazing! and so is that leather dress!!

  • Lo

    Debra is so amazing! Does she do any performance art? She is like the female embodiment of Gary Wilson except if you took all the misery out of Gary's soul and replaced it with joy

    This one is for Debra:

  • I hope to become like her when I grow older <3

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  • Anonymous

    Wow! She is sexy and artful. I love her look!