• one of the best photos ever. it is just perfect, blurry background so she really pops up. gorgeous coat and of course amazing glasses

  • Those glasses are amazing, I want some!

  • Beautiful!

  • Beautiful!

  • She is stunningly beautiful!! I'm thinking my next pair of glasses shall look like hers!

  • So amazing!I love the glasses and coat!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ari,

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    How lovely she looks.

  • Wowee. Great look. The glasses are very Iris Apfel. Would love someone like this to model our scarves!

  • oh my lord, those glasses – magnifique!


  • So Harry Potter yet so stylish – perfectly suit her face and hairstyle. And I wish I could see those earrings up closer. She's too sweet!

  • Your pictures show beautiful women of all ages. I have pictures of colleagues very elegants nearing 90 years, I do not know how I could send you pictures to show. I send my wishes for a Merry Christmas and adventures for 2012!
    Best regards, Ari!

  • Rita is undoubtably the personification of glamour! What a beautiful woman!

  • I love this pic! wonderful glasses…

  • I love her style and would love to emulate her. She showcases her age perfectly. Stylish and lovely.


    ps – found you through Peetee's Palace. Love your blog!

  • An absolutely PERFECT picture 🙂

  • the cloth is so warm

  • what a great shot!

  • Perfecta, amo su abrigo!! Feliz Navidad Ari, desde Argentina

  • Oh my, she is adorable!

    The Styleseer

  • I love the photo and the attitude she displaces … Awesome. :-), Susan Cooper

  • WOW!!! Rita looks fabulous! She has a great sense of style and a look that suits her beautifully.

  • she is wonderful!

    XX Kathryn

  • how fabulous is this lady?! i love this photo.

  • Just adorable, love this photo! She looks beautiful from the inside out!

  • I wanna look like that when I get older.

  • I am convinced there will be a special spot in heaven (or Valhalla…or something somewhere good) for you Ari Seth Cohen, for sharing this wonderful blog.

  • That's my mom, Rita Ellis Hammer! Thanks so much Ari for taking such a splendid picture of such a splendid subject. I'm a food writer, and while my mother isn't — well — great in the kitchen, it's because of her that I know not to buckle the belt on my raincoat, and to nonchalantly tie it instead! She can wear a burlap sack and make it look great.
    Thanks again, Ari!
    Elissa Altman

  • Anonymous

    Looking great, Rita!
    Best wishes for your and Elissa's holiday!
    Michael Brimhall

  • This woman really inspires. I love your blog and I admire your work. Congrats!
    Greetings from Spain

  • What an excellent idea! So inspirational & stylish! Well Done Ari

  • fabuolous.

  • Great photo! I'm going to get glasses like that when I am her age.

  • She is AMAZING.

    Happy Holidays!
    x Niki from A Haute Mess

  • I just love her sense of style!!!!

  • Love her style! She reminds me of Miranda in Devil wears Prada.