Ilona Royce Smithkin’s Advice for a Rainy Day

When I need a little bit of cheering up I call up my great friend Ilona Royce Smithkin. She always has the best advice and helps me to put things into perspective. The other day we were having lunch and I was showing her  all the comments on a post I had done about her. She loves the fact that she can share her lifetime of experience with others. Ilona is an artist, a teacher, and a style icon. She wanted to share a few words with anyone who is having a hard day, so we made the short video above. If you want to tell Ilona anything feel free to comment here or on my facebook site HERE .
  • she looks great. I've just changed the color of my hair from red to black, but when I see this……

  • Ilona, you are such a joy to watch on this video, I bet you make people smile everywhere you go. Thank you for showing us how to stay youthful.

  • Was that a gun shot at about 2:20-2:22?

  • Thank you Ilona – Many warm hugs to you too.

  • I must tell you how much I enjoy following your blog. I'm "only" 61 and these ladies have inspired me to be more adventurous. I love their plucky spirit. Ilona was an especially delightful personality. Thank you so much!

  • Ilona is joyous to behold. I would love to meet her.

  • Thanks Ilona for your great smile and happy day wishes. Ari thank you for sharing this video and making us all happy. Regards to the beautiful lady. Have a great day.::waving to Ilona::

  • That was the best, most joyous, spirited thing I've seen all day. When I'm 90, I hope to be just as spirited.

  • Anonymous

    I just love her….I want to have lunch with her too!

  • I wish I knew her personally! She is so sweet and inspiring!

  • Thank you so much Ilona, for making it such a colorful world, you truly light up my day!

  • Love her style. The fabrics on the garments she so briefly showed was awesome. I don't have quite as much jewels, clothing and color, but the sad thing that crosses my mind sometimes is giving everything I do have a turn at wearing, but afraid I won't fit it all in during my lifetime or maybe I just need to get out more and flaunt what I have :)Now that would be fun!

  • Rebecca

    What a delightful video – I absolutely adore Ilona. I just ordered the Advanced Style book and can't wait until April!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Loved to learn from Ilona! She is an inspiration. I need more color in my wardrobe!! Live on, Ilona!!

    Margaret in Boston

  • I was going through a rough patch a few months ago when I stumbled across Ilona's videos. I found her so inspiring and her advice just made sense at the time. She always brightens my day.

  • haha,,nice

  • Truly uplifting glad I've stumbled upon this blog. I can relate a lot from my experiences just by seeing that video. 😀

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  • she's so beautiful inside and out! I feel the same way about fashion and personal style! thank you Ilona for helping us out in our rainy days 🙂

  • I admire this woman so much… wish i'd meet her on New York streets one day.

  • She's gorgeous!! I love her style, so edgy

  • I love her eyes!

  • Seeing these georgeous women has impressed me to acquire what they already possess. I am impressed to have the joy, freedom, laughter, expression and especially the colors. I have started my search as I write. I will be 80 this summer so I am more than ready to enjoy life as they do. Thanks Ari for publishing your book and giving us a chance to glimps a bit of these women. We are the world!

  • Anonymous

    Love her so much…..