“Look Good, Feel Good. Feel Good, Look Good”

Debra Rapoport is one of my favorite ladies to shoot. She always has fun with what she is wearing and believes that style has the power to heal. Debra lives by the statement, “Look Good, Feel Good. Feel Good, Look Good.” Advanced Style is not only about living a life of style but living a full,active, and healthy life as well. Style begins with a healthy mind and body.

  • That is my entire style philosophy. If I look good, I instantly feel better. When I feel good, I look good. It's a chicken-egg thing, but I don't care, because it works for me. And looking good, thus feeling good, makes everything in my life easier – I've taken care of myself, so I can focus on others even more.

  • These ladies make the human bodies into a walking art gallery. Love it!

  • "Style begins with a healthy mind and body" – I totally agree!

  • I adore your blog. Its always so inspiring. This lady's hats are to die for!!! love love. xo.


  • Such an inspiring statement and I completely agree. This lady looks fabulous!



  • Absolutely. I hope to meet Debra one day…

  • I am dying for her headpieces!! I couldn't agree more…look good feel good!

  • The hats in both photographs are so unusual, amazing styles! Love how they are worn with such confidence. What a fantastic unique blog you run! Kiss from England.xo http://hannahalehandra.blogspot.com/

  • A great motto to live by.

  • Wonderful! Love that first shot with the skyscrapers in the background.

  • Loving the first picture of her

  • So true if you "Look Good, Feel Good. Feel Good, Look Good". And love the fabulous photos xxx

  • It is wonderful to see Debra again! xxoo Patty

  • This proves that age and style are timeless well dressed is what makes you feel good inside,great site i enjoyed it.
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  • Agree 🙂

    Hello from Indonesia,

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  • What a great mantra 😀

  • The first pic is absolutely great! I'm a huge fan of Debra 😉

  • Debra vibrantly jumps off the screen with her stunning hats and glorious outfits!

  • Sandy

    Debra blows me away!

  • Debra's words are right on the mark, and I hope to look good and feel good for as long as I can, inspired by stylish, smart,and creative women like her.

  • That is wicked! I wonder where she gets her inspiration from, how to dress and so on…


    xoxo Balazs