The Most Perfect Purple Winter Coat

The Advanced Style ladies are never afraid to wear a little bit of color. This woman looked absolutely striking walking down Madison Ave, in her stunning purple coat, and matching scarf.

  • My favourite colour….

  • indeed… one can see a real classy lady… and a compliment for you too, taking such a great picture… ciao ciao Christa

  • So classy! Love the colour too!
    Ahka Vintage Blog

  • Amazing coat 🙂

  • Fabulous purple coat – she looks great. I love the composition of this photo, too, with the four guys standing in the background. Well done.

    The Styleseer

  • She looks so beautiful
    Lovely coat

  • You certainly have the right word for it there – stunning! Such a gorgeous colour.

  • The overall effect is stunning, from the matching bag/shoes/gloves to the red of the lippy – think this lovely lady has done it all before!!!

  • Who are all those dudes leaning against the building?

  • Jo

    I recently saw this exact color combination on someone and thought, "I'll have to try that." Thanks for reminding me. The coat, woman and photo are all lovely.

  • Love the coat and color.Her shoes are fantastic too!

  • Love purple.

    Lovely lady.

    And yes, who are those uniformed males, leaning on the building, please?

    "People are so worried about what they eat
    between Christmas and the New Year,
    but they really should be worried about what they eat
    between the New Year and Christmas."

  • just discoverd yr blog i must say that i love the old-lady-street-style concept!

  • GvN

    I'd wear that bag myself!
    Purple and red match perfectly :)!

    xxxHappy 2012!xxx

  • Anonymous

    Love her look. She really looks put together

  • If the coat was just solid purple, it would still be a lovely coat, but it's the red/rust trim that makes it a stunning statement coat. Nice shot.

  • Anonymous

    Love love love the coat, so chic!
    Cathy G

  • Christine

    She is a class act. I wonder what the young sweatshirt generation will look like in 50 years…