Prada Shades

A few days ago I shared the photo above in a post about self expression.It’s always lovely meeting people on the street and starting up a conversation. I stopped this stunning woman on Madison Ave and we chatted for a few moments.She asked what I do and I told her that I was working on a book about age and style. She told me that she is teacher for disabled children and that she will look for the book when it comes out.

  • Amazing Prada shades!!!

  • Such wonderful style

  • I'm looking past the Prada shades at her beautiful grey fur vest.

    The Styleseer

  • amo tu blog , Soy uno de sus grandes admiradores .
    Pasate por el mi y espero te guste

  • … and with the lovely color combination purple / gray.

  • Chatting to perfect strangers is always fascinating. I like hearing what people think – they tend to open up more to a stranger who they may not ever see again, so don't feel like they would be judged.
    Ahka Vintage Blog

  • she z looking amazing. i have fallen for these prada shades

  • These women are gorgeous ! They just don't care about trends or anything ! *_*

    I was asking myself something. I've recently cut my hair short (i'm 21) and most people told me "You look great, far better with short hair", and guys would had "Even if it's a shame long hair doesn't suit you, it's so much better/sexier on women."

    So I actually wonder why so many old ladies have short hair ? Does hair really become crappy over age ? Or do they find it easier to take care of and prettier ?
    Did they simply stop to believe – as guys believe – that long hair = beautiful ? My grandma says hair doesn't look the same over age, but i'm still wondering.

  • the color combination is lovely on her.

  • nice

  • Bravo, un blog résolument différent
    Bonne soirée

  • I just stumbled on this blog a few days ago and its so wonderful. I think older women can teach us so much, they are so full of wisdom and experience and have seen so many fashions come in and out of style.
    I have made a animation based on rule books of the 1900s and though it is slightly irrelevant to this blog it is similar in its celebration of women in society. I hope you enjoy!

  • Thankgod for wearing her wrinkles with pride, and not looking like botox doll. The glasses just add to her grand style!!!

  • She's so chic ! Her lipstick and her glasses, what a good match <3 She seems to be so sweet !

  • I love those shades in that color and her top is awesome. -b