A Wonderful Hat

I was style scouting in front of the Met yesterday when I saw Maria from afar.She looked absolutely stunning in her animal print hat and elegant trousers. I am always excited when I see someone that inspires me, so I was thrilled when she allowed me to take her photograph.
  • The fact i liked the most in this pic is the lady's lively eyes 😀

  • She inspires me too.
    You have open a door of hope, magic and wonders for all of us, my dear friend.

  • Oh, yes it is a wonderful hat. My eye is also drawn to the dark green gloves she's carrying with her bag.

    The Styleseer

  • that is my mission for 2012! people should wear more hats

  • Very classy and sassy at the same time!

  • It appears that the very chic Maria is wearing Kenneth Jay Lane's beautiful shell-design earrings. Good choice.

  • This woman is utterly stunning! She is truly stylish & beautiful – exactly like you & your blog! Rebeccaxo

  • I think I have decided it is a universal law that if you want to remain vibrant and fabulous, you MUST wear lipstick. It just makes you look like you care. The lovely ladies on your blog seem to know this rule. I am always impressed with how put together they are.


  • nice old woman and she is verry sexy thanks a lot you are the best


  • nice hat!

  • Amazing look so elegant 🙂


  • It is wonderful indeed!!!

  • Love the entire ensemble!

  • I want to be like she when i become older:)


  • I love the ladies so well-groomed, dressed and made-up
    I follow you 🙂

  • This hat is marvelous! I agree with Absolutely Mrs K, more people should wear hats. I have a nice collection started, and find that whenever I wear one, I get noticed. 😉
    Maria, your gorgeous.

  • hooray for hats! they add such character.

  • Anonymous

    But why does stylish have to be so skinny? At any age?

  • Hmmm… to anonymous above I don't think you follow this blog regularly enough – if you did you would see that Ari photographs ALL types of women – and this is the first skinny one I've seen for a while! (p.s. this comes from one who is not in the 'skinny' category herself!)
    Ahka Vintage Blog