Advanced Style on the Today Show

This morning Joyce and I had the pleasure of attending the Today Show with Bobbie Thomas. Bobbie had mentioned that she was looking for an older model for a segment on polka dots and I new Joyce would be just perfect. I am so excited for all of the much deserved attention the Advanced Style ladies are receiving as of late. I hope you enjoy this wonderful clip of Joyce’s television debut below!
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  • Divine lady:) She looks amazing!

  • Awesome Ari! Joyce as well as the other two ladies looked great. Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh my, I just love it. Thank you polka dots for coming back in trend!

  • Tina from Australia

    Way to go!

  • Love that link! She is amazing…

    XX Kathryn

  • That's wonderful! Congratulations!

  • *** JOYCE is SUUUCH a (PRECIOUS) "THIEF" ~~~ Uh-huh!!! She STOLE the SHOW!!!

    Again, I LOVE coming here~ MANY THANKS!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  • What a great clip! I liked Joyce's outfit the best of all. She is SUCH a classy lady. Wanda in Edmonton

  • I loved Joyce's outfit. It already has me mentally flipping through my own closet to see if I can come up with my own variation of it. Congratulations to you both for making it on to the Today show! Some really well deserved recognition for a really great blog and really great participants.

  • i enjoyed this clip and seeing what joyce wore…she is one of the most beautiful women ever. i love the hair braid and polka dot pants on her.

  • Lovely ladies, love the dots…

  • Rebecca

    I was so happy to see Joyce looking radiant and absolutely beautiful on the Today show. Thanks Ari for giving us a heads up about the show.

  • I happened to have seen this episode when it was on the other day. When I saw the lovely model, out of my mouth came, "I know that lady!" haha

  • Sandy

    What a thrilling moment. Go Joyce and Go Ari!

  • Sandy

    What a thrilling moment. Go Joyce and Go Ari!

  • Ari: you should be so proud of your blog, and all the positive energy it has created–for your subjects, your readers, and for you. I am so happy for your success! Please let me know when the book launch party is and I will try to be there.

  • ella es una mujer verdaderamente espectacular,llena de elegancia y mucho glamour

  • you're amazing (:

  • You are doing a great job!