Advanced Style Today Show Video Clip

Here is the clip from our Today Show debut. The Ladies did an incredible job!!!

  • 🙂

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh You are all such an inspiration.
    I am soooooooooo proud, my dearest Ari for making this possible.

  • Anonymous


    Saw you and some of the advanced ladies on Swedish Television today also. Great job and greetings from Sweden!

  • Marcelita Swann

    My cheeks are aching from smiling. Kudos!

  • Congratulations, Ari!! These ladies are all my heroes, and perfect examples of how personal style really is a matter of fearless self-expression. I'm so glad you've given them a way to reach out and inspire us through your efforts with the blog, the photography, the book and beyond!

  • Awesome blog and photos of these adorable beautiful women!!
    Just watched You on the Swedish television.
    Wish you a great day

  • This blog is everything too me. Thank you!!!
    It proves what I've been saying for a little while now
    "The older you get the cuter you get & the better life becomes". I am soo excited about the book and the documentary!!! Best wishes!
    Darling Bonnie

  • Just watched you Down Under … globe trotting ladies of fashion!!!! You give us all inspiration to take our dressing up to a new level. Thank you…

  • This was SO GREAT! Our ladies were glowing, and fairly bursting with enthusiasm. And, Ari, I was as proud of you as if you were my own son! Wonderful segment.

  • Ari & Ladies of Advanced Style- Congratulations on this first (?) television reveal – Gorgeous and inspiring! I am just a beginner at 51 and look forward to the next 50 being some of my best memories and most stylish moments.

  • Saw you on the Today show! Great segment!


  • Catherine

    So fabulous. Thank you for your blog.

  • How fabulous! Ari, here are two more eyes to add to your collection. You have incredible taste to recognize such in your favorite models, all of whom inspire me to bits! Many thanks to you all.

  • What a wonderful segment to celebrate the ladies! Thank you so much for bringing them to us, to learn from, and be inspired by, such great and unique women.

  • SI was able to see the show and was delighted by these beautiful, glamorous and endearing women. They are an inspiration and a pleasure to teach us that fashion, attitude and class are timeless and ageless. My compliments to you Ari, as you looked quite handsome yourself today.

  • k

    Such amazing inspiration. Thank you Ari for bringing such beauty and elegance out from the shadows of a yout-obsessed culture. Ladies you are glorious!

  • They totally did an amazing job! So inspiring!

  • What a joyful clip! The ladies are just beautiful and I love the way it shines through even brighter as they age.

  • I'm thinking Illona would make a fantastic co-hostess for Koda & Kathi Lee's hour of Today! Did you see that high kick she performed??? xxooo Patty

  • I don't know how anyone could watch that and not be inspired by those marvelous women. They are stunning examples of the amazing benefits of taking care of yourself,expressing your style and creativity, and being engaged in the world.

  • So fabulous! something to look forward to!

  • What a fabulous segment. You ladies rock!
    I was so proud of all of you.
    Truly inspirational and so so needed in the world.
    Thank you!

  • *** "Y'all… looked… FAAAABULOUS", dear Ari!!!

    LOVED the show!!! KUDOS!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  • Merhaba; yine çok güzel insanlarrrrr…

  • You made me cry – so beautiful, so happy – bravo ladies bravo!
    Next time – some of your stylish gentlemen too yes? Well done Ari 🙂

  • Ari, that was just wonderful. Excellent! Seeing you and your LADIES there looking so happy, made my day. It's people like you who turn the lights on for people who otherwise are in the dark. I look forward now to a fantastic documentary of all your ladies and perhaps in the near future we may find it on PBS. I'm still waiting on your book to be released. Thank you for making my day. Take care.

  • Makes me want to start taking pics of Advanced women down here in Australia You and the ladies are a real inspiration.

  • I want to be just like these wonderful ladies!! They're beautiful, confident and elegant!

  • Wish that we could have heard more from the ladies! BUT, it was really wonderful. :))

  • Ptown Gal

    Ilona, you rock!!! Thanks for shining an even brighter spotlight on these amazing ladies Ari. Ilona's joi de vivre inspires everyone she touches – keep teaching, painting, swimming, loving, and living on the top floor (walk-up) – you're amazing!

  • This was great fun to watch and all the ladies were gorgeous! I've blogged a bit about my mom's fashion at age 83. She is a kick in her Starbella scarf which is upcoming and her silver outfit last Oct. It's not just New York ladies who are stylin' in the 80's!

  • Ilona is my hero! <3

  • Congrats to Ari and the beautiful ladies! You all deserve it! 🙂

    ~ Kieli ~

  • sandy

    Congratulations to aging with style and the wonderful models. And Thank You Ari for never giving up on the vision. You make me proud!

  • This is such a fabulous document..the women are just gorgeous and Ari you are perfect in the mix!
    I love it….xox