The Age of Glamour

This week, I’m checking in on several of the Advanced Style ladies to get them prepared for a big TV appearance on Thursday morning(more details to come). One of the outfits Jacquie tried on was  this vintage red coat and a pair of beaded white high heels. At 81 years old she told me, ” I come from the age of glamour. I’m not afraid to wear heels in my 80s.”

  • I love it. She is indeed a glamourous lady.

  • Speachless with admiration!!!

  • Yes. She is spectacular.

  • What a lovely jacket! It suits her so well. I can hardly wait to see the TV clips.
    The last TV segment with an Advanced Style lady was such a good one – I thought our Advanced Style lady (Joyce) was the best of the 3 that day. It will be fun to see what your ladies do next, Ari. Wanda in Edmonton

  • Sounds interesting, looking forward to hearing more about it. Loving the jacket by the way.

  • Stunning! Can't wait to hear the announcement:)
    – Irina

  • Love the jacket and she is just beautiful.

  • Beautiful jacket and I like Jacquie's matching her lipstick. TV appearance sounds very exciting!

  • Not loving the hairdo (wouldn't love it on anyone at any age) but she is very elegant nonetheless. I love the red lip – goes great with her skin tone and that gorgeous jacket!


  • What a beauty!

  • I loved my age, ieah, is glamour

  • Wow, I asked for more Jacquie, and you gave it to us! She has a figure women half her age would kill for. I am not a fan of her hairstyle in this particular photo, but love the jacket and LOVE Jacquie. I'll bet she could write a fascinating autobiography. I wish we could see a video of her dancing. Ari?!? Please?

  • Catherine

    Love it!!!

  • wow …wow….wow!!!
    your blog is so interesting…it's incredible hoe w old women are yet so stylish and beautifl…in my city all old women seem like a old old grandma!!!!

    where do you find all this pretty girl!?!? 🙂

    please take a loon on my blog…and tell me what do you think about my style!! I'm really interesting about you thoughts!!


  • Wow! Love the jacket & the red lips, always a classic.

  • Beautiful vintage jacket on a stunning woman!

  • I just discovered this blog site and I love it! I'll start taking some new fashion tips right away! I miss New York!

  • How on earth does she have that neck at 81?! Astounding. Like every lady you feature, Jacquie is beautiful. Can't wait to hear your television announcement, Ari.

  • I love so much your blog: I love you!
    kisses from your follower! ♡

  • Absolutely beautiful. Such an inspiration. 🙂 xxx

  • veri nice!!

  • Hey, We have the same hairstyle 🙂
    Amazing xD

  • She's gorgeous. I had to triple check her age to make sure I had it right. 81?!?! I wouldn't have guessed.

    – Sóley
    xx we are purple