Confidence is the Best Accessory

Style is not only about what you wear, but also how you carry yourself.This woman was walking on the Upper West Side with a friend when I noticed her from afar. I loved her look, but her confident pose stands out above everything else.

  • All your wonderful ladies make me feel so proud and hopeful, they are truly a beacon in this youth obsessed age.

  • confidence and style go together – as this lady has clearly proven. and i love her hair!

  • You were so good in the TV show fashion. I will look again

  • Love her beautiful hair!

  • i do agree about confidence being the best accessory. and i wish i had more of it. people think i dress weird when i'm at school, but honestly, that's not half of what i would wear at home.

  • so true…confidence is the best accessory!

  • Boy, isn't that the truth?! You can pull off wearing anything as long as you have a confident attitude. Now I have to go work on my posture 🙂

  • Could not agree more! It's not what you wear, or the label, or even the style of the garment – it's how you carry yourself.


  • Gosh, I hope I look this radiant and confident when I'm this lady's age! It just oozes out of her!!

    Catherine x

  • GvN

    Personality is that additional accessoire that is needed to create style!

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  • She is Gorgeous!!!!! I'm growing my hair out. 😉

  • She looks put together and a great example of how to go out and about and send a message that looking good is ageless. Her hair is wonderful!! She looks like she follows her own rules and that is beautiful!!!!

  • I also love her pose. But above all I like her smile!

  • How great are those boots!! And you are so right, she has a real spunk about her!

  • Ari, you have such a great eye. She is truly a beauty. It's funny that one of my favourite photos of my street photo endeavours so far is a woman in her 80s wearing a simple sweater and slacks – that's it, but, WOW, what a stunner! I'll look it up and email it to you. My formula for beauty is the 3 Cs – comportment, clothes, and courtesy, in varying degrees.

  • Very true, and she wears it well.

  • I could not have asked for a more beautiful post.

  • Another beret lover! Wonderful… As Philip Treacey says 'berets are the white t shirts of the hat world.'