How to Dress Like an Advanced Style Lady

Less is More
More is Never Enough

There are two main schools of thought when it comes to dressing like an Advanced Style lady. Some women prefer the “more is never enough” approach. They pile on accessories, mix and match patterns and feel that an outfit is an ever-evolving work of art.The other camp prefers a more simple and classic manner of dress. These are the ladies who still heed their mother’s advice to, “Look in the mirror and remove any accessories that detracts from the face.” Whether you belong to the collectors or the classicists, remember that true style comes from within. Any Advanced Style lady know that’s it’s not how you dress,but how you act when dressed that matters.

  • That's brilliant. I've never heard it broken down so simplistically before. I have always leaned more towards pairing down my look so that "less is more" but I had never heard it explained "so that it doesn't distract from the face. " Really clever. I'd just paired down because I feel too fussy with too much on. I figure if I'm not comfortable in what I'm wearing, I won't look good because I won't feel as confident. Both of these women are beyond fabulous. I love how each demonstrates the different mentalities.

  • I belong to the MORE IS NEVER ENOUGH, LOL.

  • Anonymous

    True style comes from knowing what suits you. Knowing that sometimes comes only with age. Knowing when enough is enough is personal, different for each woman, and something only she can define.

  • My favorite is the second one!

  • Well said – and it's not just for advanced age but for all ages!

  • Fay

    I belong to the less is more group but i REALLY enjoy seeing " More is never enough" what fun Brava ladies xx

  • GTM

    I love your blog, look forward to each and every one of the beautiful women you photograph and represent. What a treasure we have together as women to celebrate the older years of our life. Once fashionable, always fashionable…it never leaves….if it's inside, it must come out!

  • Perfect words of advice!

  • Definitely words of wisdom and standard I could try to live up to 🙂

    ~ Kieli ~

  • wow. i like her style..more is never enough….

  • Marcelita Swann

    Carolina Herrera, Mrs. Onassis, Babe Paley…Less

    Jacqueline De Ribes….More

    Millicent Rogers…More

  • Very smart ladies!

  • I wish my grandma looked this good and was alive again <3

  • i hope some day you'll start asking these ladies when they started to feel invisible — it happens to women when you're about 50 — and the degree to which the way they dress, especially your polychrome subjects, is an effort to be seen. the seriousness of being invisible has only been addressed by black people — ralph ellison, Invisible Man. i remember once i think More magazine had a middle-aged model address the invisibillity problem by altering the way she dressed. their conclusions were that the problem didn't exist — not least because the model, about 40, was very good looking. even so, when she wore pants and glasses, no one looked at her.
    so it's real. i bet your ladies who think more is more are responding to this. i'd also bei interested in the conclusion the less in more ladies have come to.

  • not to spam you, but i think all of your ladies have come to terms with something edith wharton says in her great novel of new york society, The House of Mirth:

    Certainly no one need have confessed such acquiescence in her lot as was revealed in the "useful" colour of Gerty Farish's gown and the subdued lines of her hat: it is almost as stupid to let your clothes betray that you know you are ugly as to have them proclaim that you think you are beautiful.

    this is one of the first posts you've made which seem to me to address the issue.

    write on.

  • I hope to be old soon! Very beauty and smart old women! But me I would like to be " more is never enough! Mix and always do art! Really nice approach! Happy years !

  • Great post
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  • Great blog; I can't wait to see more…I hope when I get to the age of ladies featured on your blog that I can be just as fabulous.

  • These women look so elegant. I guess I prefer the simple style of dressing – though I do like colour and print. Today I wore a vintage sixties leopard print coat and stripey sweater and felt very Advanced Style!

  • Que cool!!! Al igual que en el amor, en la moda la edad es lo que menos importa.

  • The outfits are so good but it belongs to all ages..
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  • Succinctly stated. Thanks, Ari. It is an honor to be in such company. Merci.

  • Love this… gives me hope with myself and my creativity…. P.S. I am a More is Never Enough at heart, but fear ridicule. Though not as much as when I was younger. 😉 Something to work on.

  • Amazing blog for stylish women. Fashion knows no age indeed. 🙂