Lynn Dell Celebrates Her 60th Anniversary on Bravos’s Chef Roble & Co.

One of Advanced Style’s favorite ladies, Lynn Dell, and her husband Sandy Cohen, celebrated their 60th anniversary earlier this summer. Bravo’s Chef Roble & Co. were there to provide food and entertainment for this wonderful celebration. The episode aired on Bravo this past weekend.Check out some behind the scenes moments HERE and some photos from their wedding day below.

  • Congrats to Lynn and Sandy! You are such a good looking couple.

  • Unas preciosas fotos.

  • Congratulations on 60 years!! What a feat…lol Beautiful from the inside out!!You both look fabulous! As radiant today as you were sixty years ago!! So impressive!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful wedding photos! Love this post!!

  • Congratulations to them both. Quite an accomplishment. And those pictures are wonderful.

  • Beautiful and Fabulous!

  • Lovely, love, love the style of the era she married in. My parents were married in 1955, so my Mom's gown was similar but floor length. Beautiful… Congrats Lynn & Sandy!

  • Lynn Dell needs to write a book about her career, husband and youth. She is a fascinating person — barbara

  • Oh, this made me teary eyed..
    so beautiful. I love the wedding pictures. Congrats!

  • So fun to see photos of Lynn and sandy's wedding! Amazing and adorable.

  • What a glamorous couple, then and now! These are beautiful pictures.

  • Glorious!

  • Glorious!! Indeed. Wow, what a celebration of life. Wonderful pictures.

  • What beautiful and loving photos..congratulations to both of them!!
    Just want to mention once again how much I ADORE your blog…plan on getting the book!!!!
    Thank you for all you do 🙂
    – Irina

  • 60 Years! That's an achievement that doesn't happen much anymore. Congratulations to both of them. I love Lynn's wedding dress and she looks so gorgeous, both then and now!

  • Congrats Lynn, you are as gorgeous now as you were when you got married !:)
    Best wishes from Paris !

  • beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  • Mazel Tov!
    Great photos – then and now.
    You are quite the glamorous pair.

  • Ben

    I love the first two pictures! I think she looks prettier now!

  • Love the vintage photos! So much love packed into 60 years! Congratulations to them!

  • I just found you via my friend Irina! THIS IS BOLD AND AWESOME! Never ever give up your style…EVER!!! Anita

  • I love your blog and I love your work. You do such a truly great service! Thank you.

  • wow i never seen something interesting like this one,, old styles lady, it just too great

  • Definitely a grand achievement! Happy Anniversary to those two! Gorgeous pictures!

    ~ Kieli ~

  • that is sooo sweet! i love her wedding dress 😉


  • Beautiful then and today!

  • Beautiful then and today!

  • Gorgeous . . . gorgeous . . . gorgeous!