A New Hairdo

I met this woman on Madison Avenue last April after admiring her blue shoes and wonderful coat. She told me that men stop her on the streets to tell her how much they like her shoes. Just yesterday, I was dropping a friend off at Penn Station when I noticed an incredible woman with a fantastic hairdo. After taking a closer look, I realized she was the lady with the blue shoes that I had met some months before! We were both delighted to see one another again. I love her new hairstyle, don’t you?

  • OMG! That is just fabulous!

  • That coat she is wearing is FANTASTIC! Love your blog and all its stylish ladies.

  • Love her hair, wowwwwwwwwwwwww

  • She is very pretty! Your blog is amazing! ^^

  • the hair, YES! awesome. she looks fantastic. 🙂

  • I can only hope to be that awesome when I'm her age!


  • I love her hair and her mischievous smile. I'm going to go make myself glamorous now- no more sweatpants. 🙂

  • Only in NYC!

  • Absolutely ADORE a woman with confidence to carry this style!


  • What an amazing lady. She needs to write a book about her life. She is the living example of living life as an art form and you are the ART!! What a joy to behold!!!! Thank you Ari

  • Before you leave your mark in this world, you must live right?

    I love her enthusiasm on life, just shown through her hair!

  • You gotta love it! She must be young at heart. Wanda in Edmonton

  • I'm impressed!

  • Anonymous

    I don't mean to be disrespectful, but..Am I allowed to say, that, I don't like the hairdo? I don't have to patronize the lady, because, she is older than me. I admire her, though, for defying convention and grooming herself according to her own taste, and not to what is expected of a woman of certain age… but, lets get real, that acorn hair cut, does not flatter anyone, or hardly anyone. Neither does the colour, but it is her hair and her head, and if she likes it like that, more power to her!

    During the decade of the 90s, I was subjected to that style. I always ask for tappered cut, and I either get the "bleeping" acorn style, or all one length; and of lately, now that I am in my 60s. I get the "old lady" short hair style.

    Some hairstylists think,that, they know best, but I know my face and what styles are good for me, after all, I had had this face for over 60 years.

    I have noticed that many of my friends in same age bracket as I am, end up with similar hairdos.

    I have decide to cut it myself, if I ruin it, so be it, at least I did it myself, and did not have to pay to have a horrendous coiffure.
    All the best
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  • What a wonderful example she sets! She is truly free.

  • Anonymous

    absolutely love the spirit of the color, but agree with minervita above about the cut – it's not terribly flattering to her.

    and based on minervita's experience (and mine), i believe we need to educate some of the stylists out there – they either don't get us wanting to go silver or how to give us a modern cut. it really pays to find one who gets it and shares your sense of playfulness! keep looking until you do! a bad cut can be as aging as anything.


  • Kim

    At 41, I get judged for my all-over pink hair, and I care not! At 90, I want to be this beautiful lady,… fearless and rocking my own pink hair!

  • Anonymous

    …..like an exotic bird…..nice to see people have fun with their choices…..